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Data Tags & Labels on Double-Wides, Mobile Homes, Trailers or Manufactured Housing:

This article explains the requirement-for and data contents in labels or data tags found on mobile homes, trailers, doublewides, and other manufactured housing or cottages. We explain where to find the label or data tag on your home and how to de-code its contents.

This article series provides mobile home inspection, troubleshooting & repair procedures, defect lists, & references to standards. We explain where to look for costly or dangerous problems on mobile homes, trailers, or double-wides.

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Manufactured Home Labels & Mobile Home Labels & Manufactured Housing Labels & Certifications

Data tag / label on a 1989 Northlander Industries Park Model Trailer - Supremen model (C) with thanks to Norhtlander Industries  The data tag shown here identifies a 1989 Supreme, a Park Model Trailer in the RV family produced by Northlander Industries, A Canadian company who has produced manufactured homes, cottages, RVs, and trailers since 1964. This tag is on a Canadian RV.

Contacting Northlander with the label's model number and serial number allowed the company to give us details about the construction of this trailer as we discussed with a reader at WINTERIZING the TRAILER below in this article.

At page top is an RPTIA industry sticker used for RV Park Trailers in the U.S. and observed on a trailer in an RV park in southern New Jersey.

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For U.S. Manufactured homes, doublewides, trailers, and similar constructins, Sections 3280.5 Data Plate through 3280.11 of HUD Regulations for manufactured homes include language that describes the labeling requirements for this housing. The following information must be provided for manufactured homes:

HUD Regulations for Manufactured Home Labeling

The above HUD regulation on manufactured home labeling is excerpted from Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, Part 3280 as cited at MOBILE HOME CODES & STANDARDS

Winterizing an RV, Trailer - Label Gives Clues

Reader Question: is my 1989 Northlander a Seasonal or "All Season" Trailer?

Data tag / label on a 1989 Northlander Industries Park Model Trailer - Supremen model (C) with thanks to Norhtlander Industries  I have a 1989 Northlander 43x12 home. I need to know if it is a Seasonal or All Season trailer for insurance.

It was sold to me as an All Season to live in year round but too many say it is not. I can not have any insurance problems because of this. I have included a photo of the manufacturers plate.

I have seen other Northlander trailers were the model number ends with an S like mine means seasonal and AS means All Season. I saw on your page that disabled and fixed/low income there is no charge [for limited consulting for people of limited means or ability - Ed]

I am on WSIB (WCB) and CPPDIS for PTS and PCS since 1992. This is really causing me stress because I can not get an answer. I just need something that I can have to show what my home is so I can put this to rest.

Any help in identifying the type of trailer would be greatly appreciated. Even an email PDF showing the spects or something that I can print out or get in the mail. A hard copy. I just don't understand why there is no information on this?! Thank you in advance.

- Anon by private email 2017/03/21

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Reply: The model on your trailer data tag indicates seasonal use

We contacted Northlander Industries (that information is given below) with the model number and serial number of your trailer to ask about the model and its specifications. In an example of superb customer service, we got a very useful response from Northlander: here's the information about your home:

The “S” at the end of the plan no. only refers to the model which was “Supreme” so it has nothing to do with the seasonality of the unit.

This Northlander unit was built with the following specifications:

The Supreme is a Park Model Trailer which clearly falls in the RV Family, it is not a residential home.

Now Anon, based on these specifications and on information provided by Northlander, in my OPINION a seller such as the person who sold the trailer to you should not have marketed it as a year round home - nor did Northlander Industries ever do so for the model we identify above.

However my undersdtanding is that there are Northlander Supreme’s with the same construction specifications that are occupied year round.

Winterizing Advice for Your Northlander Supreme Park Model Trailer

I follow with some advice about winterizing your particular trailer.

Northlander has been in business for a long time, since 1964 but the only "owners manual" the company currently provides online

The manual above is for a newer model (2013) than your Park Model trailer - those instructions include a warning about attempting to use the home in winter (search the PDF for "season") as they expect the water heater to be drained to protect from freezing.

Keep in mind that it's highly likley that Northlander has made product changes between your 1989 model and the 2013 Northlander Park models described in the manual they provide above.

Watch out: The text which I will excerpt below is to me a red flag warning and suggests that the company may also have experience with the use of their seasonal-use park model trailers in freezing conditions:

The unit you have purchased from your dealer may not be intended for 12 month, continuous or sub-zero winter occupancy. The purchaser has sole responsibility and discretion to ensure safe winter use. The plumbing drainage, water supply system and park connections (if available during off season use) must be kept from freezing.

You'll want to review the possible freeze points and take care to address them.

Watch out: injudicious use of heat tapes or heaters can in turn be a fire hazard as we explain in our pipe freeze protection article listed below

Generally, keeping heat on and fixing drafts and insulating are what make an otherwise perhaps marginal structure able to survive through freezing weather. But if the home isn't intended for winter occupancy that means there is indeed risk of freezing if its plumbing and water heater aren't drained.

If your concern is principally risk of damage from freezing, you'll want to look at some of the freezeproofing articles at including those I list below.

You'll also want your heating system inspected and serviced to be sure it's reliable before cold weather arrives.

Home Insurance including for water or freezing damage

I'm told that the S/AS distinction you've heard of indicating Seasonal or "All Seasonal" is be correct. Rather the "S" is desribed by Northlander as a suffix to the plan number and indicates the model "Supreme".

It would make sense to me, as you say you want to avoid any insurance issue, to ask your insurance agent for advice about how to insure the home. You can indicate that you intend to occupy the home all year round - if that's the case, and want it insured appropriately.

Or you can accept insurance for a "seasonal use" building and then you will be responsible for losses that occur if the home is used during winter.

Contact Northlander Industries


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