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Here we list videos that assist home owners, home inspectors, and septic contractors in the basic tasks of septic system inspection and septic tank location or septic leach field or drainfield location. Also see Video Guides. Citation of this article by reference to this website and brief quotation for the sole purpose of review are permitted. Use of this information at other websites, in books or pamphlets for sale is reserved to the author. Technical reviewers are invited and are listed at "References."

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Septic System Videos Describe How to Find the Septic Tank, Drainfield, and Septic Pumping Station

  • Video: How to Find the Septic Tank & Drainfield in seven minutes. Walking a older homesite gives visual clues to the location of septic tank and drainfield. We find the septic tank and identify it as using a septic pump. This four-step "find the septic tank" video will help you find the most-likely location for septic system components by outdoor inspection when there is no obvious septic tank or drainfield visual clue such as a cleanout pipe or cover. InspectApedia has additional´╗┐ tips for finding the septic tank and drainfields including starting with some clues indoors. The 7-minute video above can also be viewed in segments along with detailed explanatory text found at the following web articles:
    • Septic 101 Video part 1: Video on How to find the septic system. (How to Find the Septic Tank) Daniel thinks out loud while walking an 18 year old homesite in northern Minnesota while searching for the septic system and its components. Simple visual observations tell us where the septic tank and fields might be, where they are unlikely to be, and where they certainly would not be expected to be found. We find the septic tank, its cleanout port, and we see an electrical box which means that a septic pump installed. We begin discussing what kind of septic system is likely to be installed at a lakefront homesite.
    • Septic 101 Video part 2: Video on Where could a Septic Drainfield Possibly be Located? (How to Find the Septic Drainfield) Daniel continues commenting about the meaning of site observations as we follow the site back to where the drainfield might or might not be.
    • Septic 101 Video part 3: Video on Deciding the Septic Drainfield Location. (Deciding the Probable Drainfield Location by Visual Inspection) Based simply on visual site observations and the age of the home, we conclude the almost-certain location of the septic drainfield for this lakefront property. (The property owner later confirmed that we were correct.)
    • Septic 101 Video part 4: Video on Why the Septic Drainfield is Not in the Front Yard. (Noticing where we would not expect a septic tank or drainfield to be located) Daniel explains why, even though it looks like a good area, the septic drainfield would not be installed in the front yard of this home. Spotting the well casing.
  • Septic 101 Video part 5: Septic tank and pump alarm video: What does a septic tank alarm or septic pump alarm look like, what does a septic pump alarm sound like, and how do septic alarms work?

For complete details on how to find a septic tank or drainfield, see these full text articles and videos


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