How to Find or Locate the Septic Drainfield - Video Demonstration

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How to find the septic system drainfield, soakaway bed, leach field, absorption bed. This article series and video explains how to find the septic drainfield or leach field or soakaway bed.

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A Guide to Finding the Septic System Drainfield

This article series and our accompanying septic system location videos explain how to find the leach field or drainfield portion of a septic system. We include sketches and photos that help you learn what to look for, and we describe several methods useful for finding buried drainfield components.

Septic drain fields are also called soil absorption systems or seepage beds.

Also see How to Find the Septic Tank.

The septic system video#2 at right describes walking a homesite by a lake in order to reason that the drainfield must be not only uphill from the lake but in this case uphill from the septic tank too.

A septic pumping system will be needed. More videos on septic system location & maintenance are at SEPTIC VIDEOS.

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This is a chapter of SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE COURSE an online book on septic systems.

Septic Drainfield Location Articles


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Or see SEPTIC TANK, HOW TO FIND for details about finding the septic tank or chamber or drywell or seepage pit.


Or see How to Find the Septic Tank. More videos on septic system location & maintenance are at SEPTIC VIDEOS

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