Bulldog Pushmatic ITE type 20A circuit breaker (C) 2013 Daniel FriedmanReplacement Circuit Breakers for Bulldog Pushmatic

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Replacement Bulldog Pushmatic circuit breakers:

The article gives advice to building owners whose building is served by a Pushmatic electrical panel, and we discuss both compatibility of and concerns when using replacement circuit breakers or used Pushmatic circuit breakers sold by salvage operators.

We solicit field failure and field inspection reports of questionable or possibly problematic electrical equipment in buildings such as the Bulldog™ and ITE-Pushmatic® brands described here.

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Replacement Circuit Breakers for Bulldog Pushmatic or ITE Pushmatic Breakers

Bulldog Pushmatic ITE type 20A circuit breaker (C) 2013 Daniel Friedman

Our photo (left) illustrates a typical single-pole 20-A Pushmatic replacement circuit breaker that is widely available.

Synonyms for this product include Bulldog or Bulldog Pushmatic circuit breakers, ITE Bulldog, ITE Pushmatic, and Siemens Pushmatic circuit breaker.

The photos below illustrate some of the variety of replacement Pushmatic type circuit breaker replacements and name their manufacturer and/or supplier.

Watch out: Replacement Pushmatic type circuit breakers are sold by several suppliers as well as "used" or "salvaged" - a status that should raise a question about the unknown condition, history, and thus reliability of salvaged breakers and thus of their safety.

Watch out: as we detail at PUSHMATIC - BULLDOG PANELS there are safety hazards and warnings concerning use of Pushmatic-type circuit breakers that should give pause about replacing or repairing these panels versus replacing them entirely.

Examples that suggest that the problems are more than just theoretical arm-waving can be read at PUSHMATIC BREAKER FAILURE REPORTS.

At below left is a 15-A Pushmatic replacement circuit breaker provided by ITE-Siemens.

Bulldog Pushmatic 15A single pole breaker from Siemens (C) InspectApedia Bulldog Pushmatic Circuit Breaker Replacements (C) InspectApedia

At below left is a Bulldog Pushmatic replacement circuit breaker distributed by Connecticut Electric. At below right is at Siemens P240 2 Pole 40A Pushmatic Breaker produced by Siemens Electric.

Bulldog Pushmatic Circuit Breaker Replacements (C) InspectApedia Bulldog Pushmatic Circuit Breaker Replacements (C) InspectApedia

Bulldog Pushmatic Circuit Breaker Replacements (C) InspectApedia


At left is another example of a used Pushmatic circuit breaker for sale on EBay.

As we warned above, the use history, exposure to moisture history, and thus the condition of used circuit breakers is unknown - such devices may carry an extra reliability hazard (and thus a fire hazard) beyond the other Pushmatic, ITE Pushmatic, and Bulldog Pushmatic circuit breaker hazards discussed in the article above.,

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