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UK-Wide GED BROOKES Surveyor

Site Snagging Inspections, Tel: 07814 838314, Fradley Business Park Fradley Staffs WS13 8NF, UK,

Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Norwich, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Bristol, Plymouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, York, Chester, Windsor, Southampton, Poole

Additional services in Spain & Cyprus ?

UK- Wide RICS Chartered

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a professional body that accredits professionals within the land, property and construction sectors worldwide.

Tel: +44 (0)247 686 8555

RICS regulates and promotes the profession; maintains the highest educational and professional standards; protects clients and consumers via a strict code of ethics; and provides impartial advice and guidance.



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