PHOTO of an Jasper Alberta septic field near the park ranger home - trees and mountain goats? - all great ideas for a national park and not so great for a septic field. Grazing Animals Over Septic System Components
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Horses, cows, livestock grazing over the septic fields?

The cow is ok in the meadow, and the sheep can't do much damage in the corn, but horses, cows, and maybe some oveweight sheep stomping around in the septic absorption field is another matter entirely.

This article discusses the passage of grazing animals over or near septic fields or other septic system components.

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Grazing Animals Over Septic System Fields?

Photograph of deer grazing on a field along the Virginia Skyline Drive (C)D Friedman

Is it acceptable to permit grazing animals such as cows, horses, or sheep to occupy a field over a septic system?

No, placing horses, cows, sheep, or other grazing animals over a septic field is a bad idea for several reasons.

In sum, it's better to keep livestock off of a septic field. In the photograph just above we show deer grazing on a field along the Virginia Skyline Drive at Big Meadows.

Deer or other wild animals passing occasionally over a septic drainfield are unlikely to cause serious damage to it.

The page top photograph of mountain sheep resting under trees was taken over a septic field serving a park service building in Jasper, Alberta, and the lower photo was taken of a large herd of deer grazing over a field along the Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Watch out: If sewage contaminants are present in grass or other forage, those may be a hazard to grazing animals as well as to people consuming meat from such animals. See SEWAGE CONTAMINANTS in FRUIT / VEGETABLES for details.


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