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Diagnose, & Cure Appliance Noise Problems in Building Interiors

  • APPLIANCE NOISE DIAGNOSIS - CONTENTS: Building & home appliance noises, a complete catalog of sources of building noises traced to common appliances such as clocks, refrigerators, freezers: lists of causes, cures, and detection methods for appliance noise pollution.
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Appliance noise troubleshooting: causes & cures.

These articles discuss home or building appliance noise diagnosis & control: how to inspect, diagnose & cure noise or sound problems traced to electrical appliances in homes or commercial buildings.

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Appliance Noises in buildings, Sources of

Collapsing building © Daniel FriedmanAppliance noises in buildings are a bit easier to track down. If you are uncertain just which appliance is a noise source, or if it is a noise source, just try turning off individual appliances to check for cessation of noise.

Appliance noises cover a wide range, from humming refrigerator compressors to rattling loose metal parts.

Appliances most often run intermittently on their own, especially refrigerators, freezers, well pumps, heating systems, air conditioner systems, all produce noises that will start and stop as the appliance is off or on, and may involve humming, whining, whistles, rattles, or other mechanical or electrical sounds.



  • Air Conditioning or Heat Pump System Noises & Sounds include a very wide range of noises depending on the type of equipment, operating loads, duct systems, even loose or mechanical sounds as well as horrible shrieks and moans of failing parts. Sound recordings and links to diagnostic descriptions of various HVAC system noises are at
  • Bread maker sounds: here is a recording of normal rhythmic thumping sounds heard near a Jojirushi BBC x 20 bread machine
  • Coffee grinder noise: here is a recording of normal sounds from a Cuisinart coffee grinder macerating coffee beans
  • Clothes dryer noise: besides the normal noise of the drive motor that spins the dryer and possible gas burner noise if your dryer is a gas unit, watch out for rattles from a very wet, out of balance load, or a horrible crashing and bashing sound that signals that the dryer drum drive belt has burst. Also see safety warnings at DRYER VENTING

  • Dishwashers are a subject of enough annoying noise (for some models) that most units include a noise rating in their promotional literature. Besides the normal motor noise and splashing sounds during the dishwasher cycle, if your dishwasher sounds have changed, look for a worn or damaged motor bearing. Here are some recordings of various dishwasher noises & sounds, both normal and abnormal
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR NOISE DIAGNOSIS - for motors driving some appliances
  • Refrigerator ice makers can produce an unexpected whirring or clanking sounds that you may never notice during daytime but that might be surprising during quite night hours.
  • Don't rule out tiny appliances that can be surprisingly irritating to people with sensitive hearing, such as electric clocks, clocks on appliances, free-standing electric clocks (a high-pitched mechanical grinding, whirring, or gear noise is common) and non-electric clocks and timers
  • JETTED TUB & SPA NOISE ISSUES incude whirs and bubbling from the pump and air injection system. If these noises have increased in volume look for a blockage in the water or air system or a loose pump or motor. Shut down the system.
  • Washing machines: Normal washing machine noises during agitation and spin include the motor sound and of course the tub spinning and water entering or exiting the washer. But loud rattling and banging may be due to a seriously out-of balance washer load that was just not bad enough to shut off the machine. Also look for a failing clothes washer transmission causing a rattle.



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