Photograph of  our oil fired heating boiler with Mikes CD book on how to save heating costs Heating System Tuneup Priorities to Save Money

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Five top priority steps to significantly cut home heating bills: this article discusses the best order of priorities of action and expense when choosing what heating system improvements to make in order to reduce heating cost for buildings.

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Setting Priorities Helps in Saving Money on Heating Cost

I would prioritize these heating cost savings topics in order of probable economy and work on them in that order:

  1. Clean and tune the heating system. If the oil burner is not operating properly you are wasting money every time the system runs. See OIL BURNERS.
  2. Set back the thermostat. We discussed this above. See THERMOSTATS and if you are actually shutting heat down in a building or in part of one, see WINTERIZE A BUILDING.
  3. Buy cheaper oil in summer. Some owners install additional oil storage to take advantage of summer prices. See HEATING COST FUEL & BTU COST TABLES
  4. Hot Air Heat: Change the air filters monthly when the system is in use. A blocked air filter drastically reduces air flow and increases the length of time your furnace has to run to warm up the home. See FURNACES, HEATING and AIR FILTERS for HVAC SYSTEMS
  5. Then after these critical items, consider all of the other tune up and modification suggestions. Be sure to see ENERGY SAVINGS PRIORITIES.


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