Unidentified chemical drums discovered during a home inspection might indicate an environmental site contamination hazard. Jobs & Careers in Environmental Science: Sites offering environmental science careers

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Environmental Science Jobs:

If you are interested in a working career in environmental science or in dealing with hazardous materials in the environment, here is a list of websites offering environmental science employment, education, internships, and advice.

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List of websites of interest in searching for Environmental Careers

Here are website addresses for organizations offering information about careers in environmental science, environmental management, or field and laboratory work in environmental studies such as aerobiology, mycology, building science, onsite wastewater treatment, water purity, testing, contamination, industrial hygiene, home inspection, testing, field investigation, and laboratory analysis.

More Information on Careers in Building Diagnostic Inspections and Environmental Inspection or Testing


Emergency Relief/Disaster ARC FEMA etc

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficient Construction

Emergency Relief/Disaster ARC FEMA etc

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficient Construction

Environment & Hazmat

Arson & Fire Investigation

Construction Practices, Inspection, Diagnosis, Forensics

Gases, Toxic

Chemical & Environmental Sensitivity

Mold, Allergens, IAQ

Oil Tank Issues: Papers and Articles

Home Inspection, Building Inspection, Construction Diagnosis

Indoor Air Quality, Toxic Mold and IAQ Investigations

Law: Construction and Environmental Law & Legal Services

Septic Systems and Onsite Wastewater Disposal


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