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Photographic Architecture Dictionary:

Photos & sketches show how to recognize residential building architectural styles, chimney types and styles, deck & porch designs, and the differences among mobile homes, factory built homes, modular homes, and other structures.

Here we present a series of key articles providing drawings and photographs to assist in recognition and naming of building architectural styles, roof shapes, window types, and other building components or features.

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Picture Dictionary of Building Components, Features, Types

As the Georgian style Daniel Vose house (today called the Suffolk Resolves house) (1774) in our page-top photograph shows, in actual practice the architecture of even important, historic homes may be complicated than the archetype illustrations of architectural types below. Details including photographs of the home cut apart and being relocated are in Milton Architecture.

Chimneys & Their Architectural Styles - Photo Guide

Italianate style chimney Hudson NY (C) Daniel Friedman Adams style chimney Hudson NY (C) Daniel Friedman Italianate style chimney Hudson NY (C) Daniel Friedman Unlined chimney (C) Daniel Friedman Queen Anne chimney detail (C) Carson Dunlop Associates

In order among the photos above we see: Adams Style chimney, Italianate Style chimney, angled chimneys, viewed from an attic chimney corbelling, an in-flue from rooftop of an un-lined single-wythe brick colonial style chimney, Queen Anne style chimney details (Carson Dunlop)

Readers should see additional details at Chimneys & Fireplaces, Age, Types.

Also see Chimneys & Fireplaces, Age, Types where we describe chimey inspection, diagnosis, repair,and safety.

Also see A Quick Photo Guide to Building Architectural Styles, and for details about chimneys see Chimneys fire hazards, heating flues, woodstoves, coal stoves, & fireplaces: chimney inspection, defects, safety concerns, repair methods

Odd decks and porches (C) Daniel Friedman

DECK & PORCH CONSTRUCTION- Deck & Porch construction details for safe, durable structures. Also see DECK COLLAPSE Case Study and DECK FLASHING LEAKS, ROT Case Study

Mobile Homes Contrasted with Modular Constructed Homes & Factory-Built Housing

Mobile home conversion (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home extentded(C) Daniel Friedman

MOBILE HOMES, DOUBLEWIDES, TRAILERS - Mobile Home photos (above) demonstrate the wide range of condition, innovation, and sophistication that may be encountered with mobile homes, trailers, doublewides.

Modular home under construction (C) Daniel Friedman

MODULAR HOME CONSTRUCTION - Modular Home photo shows the home under construction. It's not difficult to spot modular construction by various building details.

"Factory built" housing can be an ambiguous term since it is sometimes claimed by mobile home manufacturers, modular home manufacturers, panelized construction manufacturers, and even some log home manufacturers.

The US DOE provides succinct definitions to help sort out these manufactured housing terms:

Modular Homes

Modules are transported to the site and installed. See MODULAR HOME CONSTRUCTION for a detailed look at modern modular home construction.

Panelized Homes

Panels—a whole wall with windows, doors, wiring and outside siding—are transported to the site and assembled. See Panelized Construction for a detailed look at a 1950's panelized construction home that was war surplus (Fishkill NY).

Pre-Cut Homes

Building materials are factory-cut to design specifications, transported to the site, and then assembled. Pre-cut homes include kit, dome, and log homes.
LOG HOME GUIDE - provides an example of pre-cut homes, how to inspect, diagnose, and repair problems on log houses; how to identify and determine the age of different types of log homes: traditional log homes, manufactured log homes, slab-sided log homes, and alternative log homes using concrete logs and fiberglass logs.
How to Identify Sears Kit Houses provides the most famous example of pre-cut home construction.

Mobile Homes

This is the term used for factory-built homes produced prior to when the HUD Code went into effect [1976]. See MOBILE HOMES, DOUBLEWIDES, TRAILERS for a detailed look at the wide range of quality and condition of these homes.


Continue reading at ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING COMPONENT ID or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.


For details about these different types of manufactured homes, see

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