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  • AIR CONDITIONING systems & heat pumps, including no-cooling diagnosis and repair, product safety notices, air conditioning and heat pump duct systems, duct defects
  • ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING COMPONENT ID - photo and sketch guides to architectural styles, details, building designs
  • Diagnosing & repairing problems on buildings & building mechanical systems, including special topics such as AGE of a BUILDING - how to determine and ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING COMPONENT ID and NOISE / SOUND DIAGNOSIS & CURE and ODORS GASES SMELLS, DIAGNOSIS & CURE and STAIN DIAGNOSIS on buildings or WATER ODORS, CAUSE CURE
  • ELECTRICAL Systems in buildings, including wiring & electrical devices, including product safety notices, and special topics such as aluminum electrical wiring, unsafe electrical panels, defective electrical system products, including specialties such as LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS
  • Energy Savings in buildings, including various ways to cut building energy costs and increase building heating and cooling efficiency
  • ENVIRONMENT concerns on and around buildings including toxic mold, allergens, pathogens, gases, chemicals, and  other contaminants, including discussion of the validity of various inspection and testing methods, and special topics such as OIL TANKS INSPECT LEAK TEST ABANDON REGS
  • EXPERTS DIRECTORY - how to locate an expert building diagnostician or investigator for home buyers, home owners. Additional directories list specialists such as for building mold or indoor environment inspecting, testing, cleanup, electricians specializing in aluminum wiring or FPE / Zinsco panel replacement, septic systems design and repair, etc.
  • EXTERIORSof buildings including site design, site drainage, siding, exterior trim, building windows, doors, roofs, chimneys, walks, retaining walls and special topics such as PAINT FALURE, DIAGNOSIS, CURE, PREVENTION
  • HEATINGsystems including boilers, furnaces, steam systems, heating piping, heat and air conditioning duct systems, heating system controls, no-heat diagnosis, product safety notices
  • HOME INSPECTION education classes, online training, home inspection methods, home inspection standards, ethics, education and advanced techniques, including listings of qualified, certified, & licensed professional building inspectors, including specialties such as LOG HOME GUIDE and MOBILE HOME INSPECTIONS
  • INDOOR AIR IAQ provides detailed procedures for testing and improving indoor air quality, including prevention or removal of building indoor air hazards such as toxic gases, mold, allergens, and other problematic particles, or odors or smells.
  • Indoor Environment describes how to inspect, test, detect, and correct most indoor environmental hazards.
  • INSULATION materials & insulation systems in buildings, including types of insulation, asbestos hazards, fiberglass hazards, ventilation and moisture problem diagnosis, cure, and prevention, ice dam prevention, basement water entry, building flooding, flood damage repair, prevention, and control methods
  • INTERIORS> of buildings including choices of building materials, inspection of windows, doors, walls, ceilings, floors, trim, stairs, railings, platforms, for defects, damage, stains, mold, insect damage, pet damage, environmental hazards, or other safety concerns, and special topics such as MOISTURE CONTROL in buildings and SOUND CONTROL in buildings
  • MOLD INSPECT TEST REMOVE: how to find, diagnose, prevent mold contamination
  • NOISE problems in buildings: how to track down the source of building noises or sounds, how to cure bothersome noises, including some noises that may indicate dangerous conditions or building or building mechanical system troubles. Building & building construction sound control methods to prevent or stop unwanted noise transmission between building areas.
  • ODORS in buildings: how to track down the source and cure odors and smells in buildings.
  • PLUMBING> Systems in buildings including water supply systems, water supply and drain piping, pumps, wells, water heaters, water softeners, water testing, water treatment, drain piping materials, methods, problem diagnosis, and septic systems including septic system design, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair, and alternative septic system designs
  • ROOFINGon buildings & Roofing systems, including how to inspect, diagnose, and repair problems in various roofing materials, roofing methods, and the inspection and repair of roof installations such as slate, asphalt roof, membrane roofs, wood shingle roofs, metal roofs
  • Safety inspection and hazard prevention in, on, and around buildings, including BUILDING SAFETY HAZARDS GUIDE, and FLOOD DAMAGE ASSESSMENT, SAFETY & CLEANUP and Safety Recallsand STAIRS, RAILINGS, LANDINGS, RAMPS
  • SEPTIC SYSTEMS & Onsite Wastewater Disposal, including septic system design, septic system inspection, septic testing, septic tank maintenance, septic system repair, and alternative septic system designs
  • SOLAR ENERGY> systems for buildings including design, problem diagnosis, repair. Also WIND ENERGY SYSTEMS.
  • STRUCTURE> of buildings, including how to inspect, diagnose, and repair foundation problems, foundation cracks and foundation movement, pre-fab foundation materials, site problems affecting building structures such as settlement and water entry.
  • VENTILATION> and building ventilation systems for indoor air quality improvement, moisture control, avoiding mold, and energy conservation
  • WATER SUPPLY & Well Systems, including water pipes, water pumps, water wells, water supply systems, piping, wells, water testing, water treatment, drain piping materials, methods, problem diagnosis

The website provides authoritative, un-biased, in-depth research articles on construction defect recognition, analysis, and repair data for building owners, inspectors, engineers, architects, construction managers. Information is provided with the assurance that there are no conflicts of interest – the website and its authors have no financial relationship with the providers of any building products, materials, or services which may be discussed.

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