Mobile home furnace (C) Daniel FriedmanCombustion Air Requirements for Mobile Homes
Combustion Air Problems in Trailers, Doublewides, Mobile Homes

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Combustion air defects & hazards in mobile homes:

This article illustrates a mobile home heating system that was unsafe because of inadequate combustion air. The unsafe conditions were easilyi detectable by visual inspection without requiring special tests or instruments.

This article series explains how to recognize and fix combustion air defects on heating appliances such as boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. These articles answer most questions about central hot water heating system troubleshooting, inspection, diagnosis, and repairs.

Our photo at page top shows a mobile home oil fired furnace installed in a closet with an airtight door; there was no outside combustion air supply. The heating system could not work properly nor safely in this home.

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Combustion Air Defects & Safety Hazards at Mobile Home Heating System

Watch out: inadequate combustion air supply to a gas burner (and less often to an oil burner) is very dangerous and can produce potentially fatal carbon monoxide. If you suspect unsafe heating system operation or a carbon monoxide problem be sure everyone leaves the building immediately and then call your local fire department for assistance.

Mobile home furnace (C) Daniel Friedman

Here our two photographs illustrate several unsafe conditions at a house trailer's heating system. There are no return air flow from the conditioned (occupied) space to the furnace warm air intake, questions about adequate combustion air, and dirt blocked air flow passages.

Mobile home furnace (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home furnace (C) Daniel Friedman

In addition to the absence of return air to the heating furnace we notice that

Question: is it safe to use an un-vented heater in a mobile home?

2017/06/05 John said:

Can I install a 36000 non vented heater in a Mobil home

Reply: not without safety concerns and IAQ questions

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