Photograph of old paint on a historic building, paint is likely to be a source of lead contamination on the soils below. Lead Hazard Telephone Hotlines

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By offering simple steps to protect your family from lead poisoning, this document provides advice for reducing the risk of lead poisoning for families living in homes where lead exposure is suspected, likely, or where lead contamination is actually confirmed by testing.

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Lead Hazard Telephone Hotlines

The National Lead Information Center

Call 1-800-LEAD-FYI to learn how to protect children from lead poisoning.

For other information on lead hazards, call the center's clearinghouse at 1-800-424-LEAD. For the hearing impaired, call, TDD 1-800-526-5456 (FAX: 202-659-1192, Internet: EHC@CAIS.COM).

EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline

Call 1-800-426-4791 for information about lead in drinking water.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Hotline

To request information on lead in consumer products, or to report an unsafe consumer product or a product-related injury call 1-800-638-2772. (Internet: For the hearing impaired, call TDD 1-800-638-8270.

Directory of Contact Telephones for U.S. State Health Departments & State Environmental Departments

Some cities and states have their own rules for lead-based paint activities. Check with your state agency (listed below) to see if state or local laws apply to you. Most state agencies can also provide information on finding a lead abatement firm in your area, and on possible sources of financial aid for reducing lead hazards.

U.S. State/Region Phone Number for Health Departments & Environmental Agencies

Alabama  N/A
Alaska  (907) 465-5152
Arkansas  501) 661-2534
Arizona  (602) 542-7307
California  (510) 450-2424
Colorado  (303) 692-3012
Connecticut  (203) 566-5808
Washington, DC  (202) 727-9850
Delaware  (302) 739-4735
Florida  (904) 488-3385
Georgia  (404) 657-6514
Hawaii  (808) 832-5860
Idaho  (208) 332-5544
Illinois  (800) 545-2200
Indiana  (317) 382-6662
Iowa  (800) 972-2026
Kansas  (913) 296-0189
Kentucky  (502) 564-2154
Louisiana   (504) 765-0219
Massachusetts  (800) 532-9571
Maryland  (410) 631-3859
Maine  (207) 287-4311
Michigan  (517) 335-8885
Minnesota  (612) 627-5498
Mississippi  (601) 960-7463
Missouri  (314) 526-4911
Montana  (406) 444-3671
Nebraska  (205) 242-5661
Nevada  (702) 687-6615
New Hampshire   (603) 271-4507
New Jersey   (609) 633-2043
New York  (800) 458-1158
New Mexico   (505) 841-8024
North Carolina   (919) 715-3293
North Dakota   (701) 328-5188
Ohio  (614) 466-1450
Oklahoma  (405) 271-5220
Oregon  (503) 248-5240
Pennsylvania  (717) 782-2884
Rhode Island   (401) 277-3424
South Carolina  (803) 935-7945
South Dakota   (605) 773-3153
Tennessee  (615) 741-5683
Texas  (512) 834-6600
Utah   (801) 536-4000
Vermont  (802) 863-7231
Virginia   (505) 841-8024
Washington  (206) 753-2556
West Virginia   (304) 558-2981
Wisconsin   (608) 266-5885
Wyoming   (307) 777-7391

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