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This article describes the policy on reproduction or use of articles, illustrations, and other content found at this website.® is a U.S. registered Trademark. is an online building encyclopedia that provides illustrated, detailed un-biased, in-depth information on detecting, diagnosing, correcting and preventing building defects, failures, & indoor health or safety hazards including environmental concerns.

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MAKING ELECTRONIC COPIES OF our WEBSITE CONTENTS (such as copying our pages, content from our pages, or our graphics to another website or into email) IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED - this website is © protected material, all rights reserved.

Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Software The design and content found at® are © Copyright protected, All Rights Reserved. Contents of this website may not be copied except as below.

Making electronic copies (soft copies) of the contents of this website is expressly prohibited. Soft copies or electronic copies refers to acts such as copying our pages, content from our pages, or our graphics to another website or into email. This articles at this website are © protected material, all rights reserved. InspectAPedia® is a Registered U.S. Trademark. Also see WEBSITE COPYRIGHT VIOLATION POLICY.

Making printed copies (hard copies) of Articles for Non-Commercial Use is welcomed. We would be pleased for readers to pass on to others links to articles or to use printed copies of articles or photos from or if appropriate, to make and give away printed copies of our web page material in a class or professional presentation, printed text, printed article, or printed book, or in a classroom presentation, (such as power point slides that are not elsewhere reproduced electronically), provided you agree to respect these simple provisions:

  1. No electronic or website duplication: Our website content is not going to be reproduced electronically nor, for example, copied or mirrored online at a website or sent by email. Printed or “hard copy” versions of our web pages can be made and distributed without cost or restriction provided you leave the content un-changed and its source is identified.
  2. Inform us of intended use: You tell us specifically what content, article, or photo(s) you want to use in printed form or in a classroom presentation (such as power point). If you can describe other items or topics of interest, we almost always can provide higher resolution versions. In addition, with a library of nearly 100,000 photos, we can often provide additional examples of things you need to illustrate.
  3. Credit the material source: Printed or class room photographs, text, content of (or online web page links to) our articles must clearly cite either our website home page or alternatively, the specific URL address of the specific website page and article from which the material was copied.
  4. Changes or corrections: If you find that you want to make changes or corrections to our material let us know. It is important that corrections are also made to the original – an action for which we are happy to give full credit, citation, links, etc. to our critics and contributors. (Contact Us)

    You can find the file name of any photo you’ve seen at our website by using your mouse to “right-click” the image, then click on “properties” and you’ll see the file name displayed. Just copy that into your reply. Of course you can “save” these © protected images to your disk with the same method, but we would be glad to provide better quality versions for the purposes you’ve suggested, and it avoids an accidental appearance of improper use later on.

    CONTACT us and obtain written (or email) permission before copying or using any of our website material.

InspectAPedia® and® are a Registered U.S. Trademark.

The copyright infringement outline below is from Wikipedia (10/30/10) and authorized under Wikipedia's fair use policy:

Copyright infringement, or copyright violation, is the unauthorized use of works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.[citation needed]

For electronic and audio-visual media under copyright, unauthorized reproduction and distribution is also commonly referred to as piracy.

Penalties for copyright infringement may potentially be very costly for the individual or their employer. An award of up to $150,000 for each act of willful infringement may be levied. When in doubt regarding the use of materials, seek copyright permission.

CONTACT us and obtain written (or email) permission before copying or using any of our website material.

Information in the copyright points outlined above was determined by web search as a copyright violation model, by web search 10/30/2010, at Yahoo,, and from Wikipedia, and from policies written by Georgetown University at Also see the WebTheftHallofShame, an independent copyright, trademark, and plagiarism violation notification website.


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