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Water Tests for Herbicide Contamination

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Here we explain just what drinking water contamination tests should you order if there is a risk of herbice or "weed killer" plant control chemical spills or over-use near a property well or water suppl. We discuss the general classes of water contaminants covered in a water test for herbicides, including 2,4,-D and 2,4,5-TP tests.

This website describes the types of water testing available, outlines common water test fees, describes the details of what parameters are included in various water test options, and gives advice to assist you in deciding what tests to order.

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Herbicide Contamination- water test parameters

When site history or visual observations (you're buying a home that was built on a farm or in an apple orchard) suggest that there may be extra risk of herbicidal contamination of drinking water these tests may be appropriate.

Be sure to review actual parameters with your home inspector or laboratory: parameters and costs vary.

Watch out: to do proper and adequate research when testing for herbicidal chemicals in drinking water.

As with our warning about water tests for pesticides, because a wide variety of chemicals may have been used to control weeds or other plants at a propety, you should review the history of property use and (if lucky) look for herbicide chemical containers (in a garage, garden shed, basement, crawl area, etc) for clues about which chemical tests may be most useful for your situation. Don't assume that because a very specirfic water test did not find that contaminant, that no other contaminants may be present.

At an inspection where we observed an abandoned termite control business trailer we warned the buyer to test for pesticides. But later research on the usage history of the site revealed that there had been a metal plating operation alongside the property's stream.

Testing by the state department of environmental conservation found significant levels of cadmium contamination. That contaminant may not have been found nor even looked-for had the property history not been researched.

Water Test Parameters for Contamination by Herbicides

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