Tramex moisture meter (C) Daniel Friedman Moisture Meter Brands, Models, Sources, Features
Guide to Choosing a Moisture Meter to Screen Buildings for Leaks, Moisture Traps, Rot, Insect Damage, or Mold

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Moisture meter brands, types, manufacturers, sources & prices.

This article lists examples of moisture meters useful for measuring building materials such as concrete, wood, plaster. We give examples of the differences between pin type moisture meters and electronic sensor moisture measuring devices and explain the particular uses of each type of moisture meter.

This article series explains the use and reliability of different types of moisture detection equipment to find water entry problems on buildings. We demonstrate where moisture meters work successfully and where (and why) they don't.

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Where to Buy a Moisture Meter: Moisture Meter Brands, Models, Features & Typical Price Comparisons

Hardieplank fiber cement siding as delivered (C) Daniel Friedman Eric GalowNote: here we list only devices specifically designed to measure moisture level in typical building materials (wood, plaster, drywall, concrete); we exclude humidity measuring devices (moisture in air), and similar devices.

Photo at left, the Tramex Moisture Encounter in use by the author to make relative or comparative moisture level measurements in a fiber cement product.


Watch out when pricing moisture meters, not only for the fundamental limitations of various moisture meter device types, but also because some retailers quote a "lowball" price that does not include equipment that you need to use the meter, such as probes.

Also note that this list is incomplete; many of these manufacturers offer a wide range of moisture meter models with varying prices & features.


List of Popular Moisture Meter Brands, Models, Features & Prices

Delmhorst pin type moisture meter with long probes (C) Daniel Friedman Hardieplank fiber cement siding as delivered (C) Daniel Friedman Eric Galow

Compare these moisture meter features or properties

Key Moisture Detection Meter Articles


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