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This log home maintenance and repair article explains the basics of log wall chinking, caulks, gaskets, and coatings and sealants for log buildings.

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We provide links to log home sealants & coatings, product sources for log homes. Our page top photo shows a Pennsylvania log home that was left to the elements. Ultimately the roof failure, leaks at the chimney, and a bottom course of logs in ground contact were the three areas of failure on this structure. Other, nearly identical cabins in this location along the Susquehanna river were in good condition where basic roof and wall maintenance had been kept up.

Quick Guide to Log Sealants, Log Chinking Products & Log Home Log Wall Coatings

Traditional log home with concrete chinking © Daniel Friedman at

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A traditional log home constructed of individually-cut rough (and varying-in size and shape) logs is shown in our photo at left. Concrete chinking was used, here painted white, to fill in the irregularities between the mating horizontal logs to stop drafts and water from entering the structure.

Some of the really unfortunate disasters we've seen on log home exteriors were caused by use of a log coating or sealant which was not recommended by the log manufacturer. Use of the wrong sealant can lead to peeling and ugly surfaces that can be very costly to correct.

Here are some Log Home special sealants and caulking or chinking products. But before applying anything to the logs on your home, inside or out, find out what products your log manufacturer recommends.

Sample of Perma Chink log chinking material © Daniel Friedman at

Antique log home wall chinking falling out © Daniel Friedman at

Our photo (left) shows concrete chinking on an antique log home in Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River. Click to enlarge and you can see the exposed log mating surfaces where chinking has fallen away from between the second and third logs near the corner of this wall.

Also note that the bottom logs were placed on flat stones set right on ground level. Original growth first-cut timber that grew in the United States produced trees that grew slowly and produced wood that was quite durable, resisting rot and insects for decades.

The growth rings in these logs were close together and the wood dense. But even first growth timber eventually rots when left on or close to the ground, exposed to ground moisture and splash-up from roof spillage during rainstorms.

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This series of articles provides information on the inspection and diagnosis of damage to new and older log homes and includes description of log house and log siding insulation values and alternatives, and also a description of the characteristics of slab-sided log homes as well as all other types of log home construction. We include illustrations of log structures from several very different areas and climates in both the United States and Norway.


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