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Where to purchase screens & vent opening protectors for weep holes & vents in brick walls:

Product guide for brick vents, brick weep hole screens & other special products for new construction or retrofit addition of screens that keep the brick veneer wall drain or vent opening clear and working properly. Shown at page top: a new-construction PVC brick weep screen sold by Tamlyn Building Products.

Other brick vent and drain products and sources are listed here.

This article series explains the purpose of drainage openings & rain screens in solid brick walls and in some brick veneer walls: brick wall weep holes and recommends their use in new construction and in some brick wall repairs or retrofits.

Weep holes in building exterior masonry walls (brick or stone) are a drainage system that is used in cavity wall or rain-screen wall construction methods to get rid of water that has penetrated the outer wall skin or surface.

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Guide to Brick Wall Drainage Opening, Flashing & Ventilation Products

Tamlyn brick weep hole cover © Daniel Friedman at

Found here: where to buy veneer wall vents & brick wall weep holes or weep openings used to provide drainage for the building wall or shell: shell drains & wall drains.

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Tom Tamlyn, a residential building products manufacturer, sent us the two plastic weep hole covers shown above and below.

Above we show a brick wall weep hole cover intended for new construction. The openings are intended to keep critters out of the veneer wall.

Below we show the same device from the back so that you can see its construction.

Tamlyn brick weep hole cover © Daniel Friedman at

Retrofit or add-on brick vent screens compared with new construction brick vents

Tamlyn brick weep hole cover © Daniel Friedman at InspectApedia.comBelow at left in our photo is a similar weep hole cover intended for retrofit use in existing brick walls or brick veneer walls.

We include the new-construction weep opening cover immediately below so that you can see the difference in how these products are constructed.

Other masonry product manufacturers (such as Airolite® and Brickvent™) provide a larger vent openings by replacing entire bricks along the wall bottom to provide improved wall drainage and moisture ventilation, especially if combined with wall top moisture vents described below.

Watch out: several errors or omissions in a brick wall drainage or venting system can contribute to building moisture, water entry, and damage to both structural brick and veneer brick walls, including:

Retrofit Brick Veneer Wall Weep Opening Covers & Screens

Rid O Mice veneer wall drain screen retrofit product -

Rid-O-Mice, a producer of several types of brick veneer wall drain opening screens and covers (at left), advertises their product as preventing invasion of the wall by mice, scorpions, insects and other pests.

There's not much to attract a mouse to the cavity in a brick veneer wall, but as we illustrated in the article above, there can be a problem with clogging of these drain openings by mud daubers, wasps, other insects, and perhaps other small critters.

Adding an appropriate screen will keep these creatures out of the wall drain opening. [Image used with permission of Rid-O-Mice.]

The company provides no direct contact information but provides a contact message page at their website:

This and other veneer wall vent product sources are given near the end of this article.

Watch out: adding a veneer wall vent or drain screen should reduce the chances of clogging from insects or animals, but if the wall was improperly constructed so that the opening does not actually vent the wall (for example if the opening is blocked inside the wall by fallen mortar or if the flashing in the wall was not properly placed) the vent screen cannot correct those defects.

Where to Buy Brick / Stone Veneer Wall Drainage Products

Brick weep opening screens at the Van Scriver Elementary School, Haddonfield New Jersey © Daniel Friedman at InspectApedia.comReader Question: Where can I buy weep inserts?

Hi I'm like to know where I can buy weep inserts for the bricks around my house. - J.S.


Several manufacturers provide brick wall weep hole systems that assure that moisture or water behind the brick wall or brick veneer can drain out of the wall while at the same time insects or larger critters are kept from entering the walls.

We describe Tamlyn brick wall weep opening inserts used in new wall construction and a second product used in retrofits at BRICK WALL DRAIN, FLASHING, VENT SOURCES

Photo: brick wall weep openings installed at the Van Scriver Elementary School in Haddonfield, New Jersey. These brick drain opening screens were installed during original construction. [Click to enlarge any image]

You will also notice the presence of a fiberglass material in the bottom of the mortar joint below this brick course, probably a component of the drainage plane behind the brick veneer.

In this brick veneer wall construction the weep openings are placed at every second brick, as you can see in our photo below.

Brick & Masonry Wall Weep Hole & Vent Insert Product Sources: where to buy a brick weep vent

Brick wall vent, KLA Building Products Mangawhai New Zealand  at

Photo: KLA Building Products' Brick Vent for veneer walls, cited below. The company provides both a veneer wall vent and a wall-cavity tray to avoid vent blockage by falling mortar or debris.

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