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Guides for veneer wall flood damage repair & prevention

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New contruction & repair guidelines for homes subject to flood damage through brick veneer walls:

This page provides copies of FEMA and other expert sources recommending constuction or repair details that reduce future damage to buildings located in flood prone areas.

This article series discusses brick or stone veneer wall construction and flood damage repairs. Page top photo: rudimentary flood vents at the base of a brick veneer masonry wall in Venice, Italy.

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Codes, Standards, Recommendations for Veneer Wall Repair in Flood Zones

Brick wall drainage in Venice Italy © Daniel Friedman at InspectApedia.comThis page includes research, building codes, standards, and references for recommended construction methods to minimize flood damage to veneer-wall constructed buildings. We also cite experts who have provided technical review of this article series.

Some of these standards are best-applied to new construction while others provide detailed repair advice for buildings being repaired or re-constructed after suffering flood damage.

These references support the following masonry veneer wall structure repair articles:

BRICK VENEER WALL REPAIRS in FLOOD PRONE AREAS - three approaches to building or repairing brick veneer walls in areas subject to flooding


BRICK VENEER WALL FLOOD DAMAGE REPAIR - a detailed field report on repairing a flooded brick veneer wall home in Texas in 201

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Photo: at this building in Venice, Italy, we see both foundation flood vents used where the building structure includes open space below grade and elevated drain openings in the brick cavity wall.