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This document discusses the steps that a tenant in a rental apartment or rental home can take to look for and test for mold, how to inform building management of a mold problem, what to expect the rental property managers to do if they are going to address a mold problem properly, and what the rental apartment tenant needs to watch out for during a mold investigation and mold remediation of their home.

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Action Advice for Tenants in Moldy Apartments

On-site inspection is important: Keep in mind that anyone whose opinion you seek by telephone, email, or web "prospecting", even if s/he is very competent, is distant and can't see all of the site conditions. Therefore such advice can only be general, and we must keep in mind that there could be, in fact probably are, important observations that might change the assessment of an individual situation as well as the advice on steps to take.

How to Determine If Health, Mold Related Illness, Asthma, or other Complaints Appear to be Building Related

Building-related illness symptoms often stop or diminish quickly when the suffering person leaves that location. A simple subjective test which you have applied is the observation that you suffer health complaints soon on entry to the building and they stop when you've been out of the building.

Contents may be contaminated from a prior residence: Of course if someone's apartment contents were mold-contaminated from a previous residence those complaints could still occur, so it's important to rule out that chance by recalling what reactions you had to your previous home.

Mold related illness symptoms don't always stop right away: Finally, while some building-related or building-aggravated health complaints diminish or stop entirely on leaving that environment, other complaints may be slow to appear and also slow to diminish even after leaving the problem environment.

Exposure to irritants indoors can increase individual sensitivity: In fact high exposure to some materials such as allergens or mold can increase sensitivity to those particles in some individuals, making them later react to even low levels of such particles in a new environment.

What is the Landlord Going to Do About Mold?

Next in this article we discuss how the tenant can decide if they're comfortable with what a building owner or manager proposes to do about a mold problem in their rental space.

Questions & Answers about wet moldy furniture & bedding in a moldy apartment or rental home - who pays?

Question: who pays for my ruined mattress?

Wet matterss (C) Daniel FriedmanI was wondering, if my mattress is ruined in the moldy apartment, do my landlords have to replace it? - Kait

Reply: It depends ...

I agree that it's unlikely a moldy mattress can be cleaned adequately, and that usually it's replaced as part of mold remediation.

If there is argument about it's inclusion in the mold cleanup job that problem may rest with the original mold remediation plan prepared by (we hope) an independent expert who had no conflicts of interest in the job.

That is to say, a competent mold investigator who draws up a mold cleanup plan, as well as many insurance investigators will include mattersses, wall to wall carpeting, and upholstered furniture that has been soaked and/or is moldy as items to be disposed-of because those items can't be reliably nor economically cleaned.

Beyond those OPINIONS, I'm sorry to say the matter is a legal question - not our expertise, but if I were technical-advising an attorney on a matter like this I'd argue that if the moldy or smelly mattress is traced to a leak or mold problem that was covered by a specific party, then the mattress should be part of that job.


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