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How to find a physician with expertise in environmental medicine

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Where to find a mold doctor:

A physician who has expertise in environmental medicine and mold-related illness. In addition to providing contact information for doctgors, this document discusses the decision to consult a physician who has expertise in mold and mold related illness.

We suggest a few questions to ask your doctor about the possibility of building-related illness, we include a list of physicians with expertise in mold and environmental medicine, and we provide a article series that can help you assess the risk of mold related illness in a building.

Professional remediation was not needed for the mold cleanup of the area shown at the top of this page, and the mold-related-illness risk to building occupants from this mold contamination was insignificant.

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Where to find a Doctor who is a Mold Expert: Directory of Physicians with Expertise in Environmental Medicine & Mold Related Illness

Mold in drywall  cavity (C) Daniel FriedmanPhysicians who are expert in environmental medicine can be listed here at no fee - just Contact Us or use the simple information form found at InspectAPedia's LINK EXCHANGE INSTRUCTIONS.

  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 6505 E. Central Ave., #296, Wichita KS 67206 316-684-5500 -

    The AAEM lists physicians specializing in environmental medicine in the following countries (italicized countries are ones for which we found actual links to lists of doctors)

    Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, ACOEM, 25 Northwest Point Blvd., Suite 700, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007-1030 Telephone: 847/818-1800, Fax: 847/818-9266 -

    ACOEM provides a "doctor finder" service via their website.
  • Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, ACNEM, 10/23-25 Melrose Street, Sandringham, Victoria 3191, Australia.

    ACNEM, lists ACNEM-trained physicians; +61 03 9597 0363, Email: , Website: - provides training in environmental and nutritional medicine.
  • Australia, Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc., website:
    AESSRA Inc. is a support group for people with allergies and sensitivities, particularly Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). It started in Melbourne and now has members around Australia.  If you are outside Australia please contact an allergy/chemical sensitivity group in your own country as they will be more useful to you. We are not health professionals and cannot give medical advice. If you have a question that would be best answered by a health or other professional, please consult an appropriate professional. If you are in Australia we may be able provide names of helpful doctors or other health professionals in your area. You can write to us or use the contact form [at our website]
  • Australasia, Australia & New Zealand: The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, The Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 145 Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia, Website, Email Tel: (02) 9256 9603.
  • Canada: Environmental Health Institute of Canada (EHI-Canada), website:, Email:, Fax: 416-364-4074 or 905-845-3794 - Quoting:
    The Environmental Health Institute of Canada (EHI-Canada) is an incorporated charitable foundation with a vision for enhancing and coordinating efforts to understand, prevent and manage environmentally-associated illnesses. EHI-Canada was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized that protecting Canadians from environmental hazards that impact their health requires a collaborative effort with many key players. With such key partners, EHI-Canada intends to create and support projects and programs that will address multiple research, educational, and front-line clinical and community environmental health needs for Canadians.
  • Canadian Society for Environmental Medicine
    Contact the OEMAC at Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada Suite 503, 386 Broadway Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R6 Phone: 888-223-3808 Email: Website:
    OEMAC is the leading Canadian organization of physicians providing medical expertise that promotes optimal health and safety of people at work and in the community.
  • Canada: HEF - Human Ecology Foundation Canada, website:
    We are a non-profit, charitable organization which provides support and information to its members with environmental sensitivities.  We also strive to raise awareness within the medical community, educational institutions and to the general public. Our goal is to also prevent further cases of environmental sensitivity from occurring.

    [Don't waste time on the HEF home page or website - they are not functional. Start at EHA Ontario or your own province listed below]
  • Canada: Nova Scotia Environmental Medicine Clinic, Nova Scotia, Canada, website:
  • Canada: Environmental Health Association of Ontario, EHA Ontario Box 33023 Ottawa, ON K2C 3Y9, Tel: (613) 860-2342 (leave a message), Website:
  • China: Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 15/F Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong, Website:
  • France: on peut trouvez un médecin français spécialisé dans la médecine environnementale, par example: ISDE-France ou
    • Les consultations ont lieu à la
      52 rue Labrouste
      75015 PARIS
      Secrétariat : 00 33 (0)1 44 19 53 29
      Fax : 00 33 (0)1 44 19 53 30
    • Doctissimo: [more general]
  • United Kingdom: British Society for Ecological Medicine (BESM), allergy, environment, nutrition, BSEM c/o New Medicine Group 144 Harley St London W1G 7LE, Website: , Email:, Quoting:
    The BSEM promotes the study and good practice of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine for the benefit of the public and supports doctors who use the insights of ecological medicine to help patients.
  • United Kingdom: British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (BSAENM), BSAENM, P.O. box 7, Knighton, Powys LD & 2WF, U.K. Telephone: 01547 550380 (+44 1547 550380), Website: Quoting:
    The principal aim of the Society is to promote, for the benefit of the public, the study of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicin
  • United Kingdom: Practitioners of Ecological (Allergy, Environmental, Nutritional) Medicine [privately maintained website]
  • United States: Center for Environmental Medicine (Portland OR), 10748 NE Halsey Street Portland, OR 97220-3961 USA, Tel.: (503) 261-0966 Fax: (503 252-2691 Tel.: (360) 690-0017 E-mail: - Dr. Chris Hatlestad,MD, ABFM
  • United States or other locations: Individual Physicians specializing in environmental medicine, mold-related illness, related topics:
    • Florida
      Harlan Bieley, M.D.
      Healthy Living And Longevity Medical Center
      649 U. S. Highway One Suite 1
      North Palm Beach, FL. 33408
      Office 561.842.7422
      Dr. Bieley is an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and is completing a Masters Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine:
    • Utah
      Alexander Haskell, ND
      Clear Health Centers
      3350 Highland Drive
      Salt Lake City, UT 84106
      Dr. Alexander Haskell is licensed Naturopathic Physician with 30 years of experience. Mold exposure is in the background of many chronic illnesses and is seldom considered as an underlying cause or etiology by most physicians. We use darkfield microscopy, EAV testing and household mold testing for assessment. Therapies to reduce the body's burden of molds are oxidative treatments [Major Autohemotherapy (ozone) and hydrogen peroxide] and detoxification protocols including ozone saunas and lymphatic hydrotherapy.
      Of course other systems which have been negatively affected by and overwhelmed from chronic mold exposure such as adrenals, thyroid, intestines and the immune system must also be addressed and supported.

Photograph of mold on drywall where a bath vanity has been removed is an independent publisher of building, environmental, and forensic inspection, diagnosis, and repair information for the public - we have no business nor financial connection with any manufacturer or service provider discussed at our website.

We are dedicated to making our information as accurate, complete, useful, and unbiased as possible. We very much welcome critique, questions, or content suggestions for our web articles.

Contributors, even if it's just a small correction, are cited, quoted, and linked-to from the appropriate additional web pages and articles. Working together and exchanging information makes us better informed than any individual can be working alone.

Physicians who are expert in environmental medicine can be listed here at no fee - just Contact Us or use the simple information form found at InspectAPedia's LINK EXCHANGE INSTRUCTIONS.

If you are unable to pay for medical assistance

  • Tell your doctor your financial position and ask what assistance they can offer
  • Contact your local city, town, county, or state or provincial relief agencies to ask for medical assistance

Mold Sickness References - mold related illness articles you'll want to review

  • ACCEPTABLE MOLD LEVEL - given that a target of "zero mold indoors" is nonsensical, just how much indoor mold should we accept?
  • MOLD APPEARANCE - WHAT MOLD LOOKS LIKE and MOLD APPEARANCE - STUFF THAT IS NOT MOLD - how to recognize mold and how to avoid wasting money testing or cleaning up stuff that is not mold; what does cosmetic mold look like and can we reliably identify it without testing?
  • Mold Atlas of Common Indoor Clinical Mold, Pathogens, Allergens, & Other Particles - Medical Health Effects of Mold: Allergenicity, Toxicity, Pathogenicity, Other
  • MOLD / ENVIRONMENTAL EXPERT, HIRE ? - how to decide when the mold risk in a building justifies bringing in an expert to inspect, test for mold, write a mold remediation plan, or perform a post-cleanup mold clearance inspection and test.
  • MOLD EXPOSURE, FOOD HAZARDS - a history of foodborne mold related illness, definitions of mycotoxins, aflatoxins, etc., moldy food advice
  • MOLD EXPOSURE STANDARDS - world standards for mold exposure levels - and discussion of the difficulty of quantitative mold standards
  • MOLD RELATED ILLNESS GUIDE - Mold-Related Illness: sickness and health risks or complaints caused, or suspected to be caused or aggravated by indoor airborne mold, by physical contact, or other means of mold exposure
  • MOLD RELATED ILLNESS SYMPTOMS - a long list of all of the known, suspected, or simply documented health complaints voiced by people who have been or are suspected to have been exposed to problematic mold
  • MOLD ODORS, MUSTY SMELLS - if you smell mold, there's mold
  • MOLD PREVENTION GUIDE - how to prevent mold growth or re-growth in a building
  • World Health Organization Mold Bulletin - an excellent description of causes of mold related illness
  • GUIDANCE for CLINICIANS on the Recognition and Management of Health Effects Related to MOLD EXPOSURE and MOISTURE INDOORS, [on file as /mold/Mold_Guide_UConn.pdf] - Eileen Storey, MD MPH, Kenneth H. Dangman, MD PhD MPH, Paula Schenck MPH, Robert L DeBernardo MD MPH, Chin S Yang PhD, Anne Bracker CIH MPH, Michael J Hodgson MD MPH, University of Connecticut Health Center, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Center for Indoor Environments and Health, 266 Farmington Ave., Farmington CT 06030-6210, 30 September 2004. [We have edited this file to remove blank pages in order to speed its load-time and to add a link back to this website.] This document was designed to help the healthcare provider address patients with illnesses related to mold in the indoor environment by providing background understanding of how mold may be affecting patients. The guidance was published in 2004, with support from a grant by the U.S. EPA, by the Center for Indoor Environments and Health, or CIEH at the University of Connecticut Health Center. " -- original source: (1.13MB PDF file, slow loading) - this is an absolutely excellent and wide-ranging mold reference available online in PDF format.



Continue reading at MOLD DOCTOR NEEDED ? or select a topic from the More Reading links shown below.

Or see MOLD / ENVIRONMENTAL EXPERT, HIRE ? - when to hire a mold investigator or mold test consultant


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