Septic System Design and Repair Regulations
Federal, State, Provincial, Academic, and Trade Association Septic System Authorities

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Septic system design specifications & regulations:

The septic system authorities here provide will provide listings of key local design and health or building code information needed when designing or repairing a septic system. We also list academic/university septic system design research experts and septic system trade associations.

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LOCAL STATE FEDERAL - Local, State, U.S. Federal Government, & International Agencies & Resources for Septic Systems Wastewater Treatment

The following list provides links to septic system and onsite wastewater treatment regulations and design requirements for most states in the U.S., and for other countries or authorities. (Submissions invited). Readers should also see the Academic and University sites below for more septic system and onsite wastewater disposal system regulation and design guidance.

ACADEMIC UNIVERSITY - University, Academic, & International Wastewater Sites

SEPTIC ASSOCIATIONS - Septic & Wastewater Industry Associations & Standards

  • ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
  • British Columbia, Canada BCOSSA British Columbia Onsite Sewage Association, Victoria BC tel: 250-391-8442 email: : news, training, standards, conferences on onsite wastewater disposal
  • Indiana Septic Association, Inc, resources for cleaners, installers, vendors, associates and professional affiliates
  • National Small Flows Clearinghouse, West Virginia University, POB 6064, Morgantown WV 26506-6064 - 800-624-8301, 304-293-4191, 304-293-3161-FAX, WTIE-BBS: 800-544-1936, 304-293-5969. The NSFC provides information, referrals, training, and technical assistance for small communities to aid in solving wastewater problems.
  • National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) - Pam Franzen, Executive Director 1-800-966-2942; E-mail -, Web Site -, - Dr. Kevin Sherman, President - 850-488-3943 - Dr. Ted Loudon, VP/President-Elect - 517-353-3741, - Ken Zoeller, Secretary/Treasurer, 502-778-2731.
  • Texas Water Resource Institute - Ric Jensen - 409-845-8571; E-mail -
  • Texas On-site Wastewater Association - 409-862-7402
  • Texas Agricultural Extension Service - Dr. Bruce Lesikar - 409-845-7453; E-mail -
  • The Consortium of Institutions for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Dr. Jerry Tyler, 608-262-0853; E-mail -
  • National Association of Waste Transporters - 1-800-236-6298
  • Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst preventing pollution on farms and in homes, assessment worksheets prepared by state programs, newsletters and slide training programs
  • Bioremediation Discussion Group
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Or see SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SIZE for wastewater application rate tables & septic trench design tables

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