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Types of septic media filters:

This document provides a List of Types Septic Media Filters as Components of Alternative Septic Systems. Media filter septic systems use a conventional septic tank followed by any of several methods to further filter and treat septic effluent before it is discharged to the soil, soil surface, or waterway.

These different septic media filter types are explained here. We include a list of product sources for various types of septic filters.

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Types of Septic Media Filter Materials

Illustration of a Gravel Media Filter Septic System - Boxerwood Aroboretum and Nature Center, Lexington VA The illustration shows a gravel media filter as implemented by Boxerwood Gardens, an arboretum and nature center in Lexington Virginia.

While two gravel-containing structures are shown in this illustration the gravel media filter uses only one.

The second and empty gray container was included to show the (otherwise hidden) drain lines that exit from the bottom of the gravel media filter system.

[Click image for larger view. Image courtesy of Boxerwood Gardens - link to their site at REFERENCES below.]

Jantrania/Gross's text. lists the types of septic media filters outlined below. Additional pages of this article describe each of these types of septic media filters in more detail.

Types of Natural Fiber Filter Media

  • Sand filter beds
  • Gravel septic systems
  • Shale filter septic systems
  • Cinder filter septic systems
  • Limestone septic systems
  • Activated carbon septic filters
  • Peat filters or peat fiber filter septic systems

Manufactured Septic Filter Media Products

  • Textile and fabric septic system filter media
  • Open cell foam cubes as septic filter media
  • Hard plastic fragments as septic filter and treatment media
  • Crushed glass septic system filter media
  • Tire chips as septic filter and treatment media
  • Processed slag septic system media filters

These natural and manufactured septic filter media systems are discussed in detail below.

Septic Media Filter Articles


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