Alternative Design Sewage Treatment Systems for Residential and other Applications

This document reviews sewage treatment systems for residential properties and certain other applications, and explains the difference beween a "sewage treatment system" and other alternative septic system and wastewater treatment designs such as conventional tank and drainfield or aerobic septic systems.

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Sewage Treatment Systems

This text on residential type sewage treatment systems is in collection and editing.

"Sewage Treatment System" is used by some wastewater treatment product suppliers and designers to distinguish between conventional single-residence wastewater treatment and disposal systems such as a tank and drainfield or an aerobic treatment unit or sand bed filter, and systems which either

1.) completely treat raw sewage to provide an effluent output sufficiently sanitary to discharge to an unregulated surface or to a waterway, or

2.) systems which serve clusters of residential homes. Reading various manufacturer's language, we have found such inconsistent language on this term that we are researching and collecting data to clear up this confusion. It will appear here.

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Cheap and technically user friendly sewage treatment facilities that can be rapidly put into place whereever natural disasters have caused damage to the residential sewage disposal system are required. One of the most important steps to prevent disease outbreaks in Disaster struck regions is getting the Sewage Disposal system to function efficiently. - Dr C N S P Rao


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