septic dye breakout at a basement entry from a failed septic system buried below a driveway during conduct of a septic loading and dye test
- an expert can find clues and perform tests that reduce risk of a costly surprise Outdoor Steps in the Septic Inspection & Dye Test Procedure

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How to perform the outdoor steps of a septic system loading & dye test:

This septic dye test procedure article provides the outdoor checks to be made during a Septic Loading and Dye Test of the function of a septic system, focused on condition of the effluent disposal section, also known as a leach field, seepage pits, drainfield or drainage field.

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Septic Test Procedures: what to do outside the building

Green septic dye breakout at a new tank (C) D Friedman A Carson

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What should we look for, do, & report about outdoor conditions during and after a septic inspection, loading & dye test?

Septic leak into storm drain
septic dye appearing in snow

When the ground is snow-covered, walk a grid pattern across the drainfield area to watch for septic dye appearing just at the bottom layer of the snow cover.

Here you can see our red septic dye appearing in the snow where we scuffed the surface of the snow-covered area.

septic failure in snow

When the ground is snow covered and near a wet or swampy area, check the wet area for the appearance of septic dye - actually check here in all weather conditions, but snow cover can actually make it easier to find septic dye breakout provided the ground is not frozen solid.

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