septic dye breakout at a basement entry from a failed septic system buried below a driveway during conduct of a septic loading and dye test
- an expert can find clues and perform tests that reduce risk of a costly surprise How & Where to Look for Septic System Components: tank, D-box, drainfield

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This septic system inspection article explains where to look for and how to locate septic system components for any purpose such as inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting or repair, or as part of the Septic Loading and Dye Test procedure for testing the function of septic systems.

Our page top photo shows a recently-created pile of rocky soil pushed against trees and over the "septic tank" location at a rural property. This act of burying the septic tank right before the inspection raised an immediate concern about just what was installed at the property.

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LOOK FOR SEPTIC COMPONENTS - Where, When, How Look for Septic System Components as Part of a Septic System Inspection & Test Procedure

The failed soil absorption system (drainfield) for this system was promptly found simply by climbing over this rock-pile and looking over the edge of the hill. More photos of this troubled septic system and places to look for septic system components are described below.

How to Find the Septic Tank

See these articles for one or more methods that will locate the septic tank, cesspool, drywell, seepage pit:

How to Find the Septic D_box - Distribution Box

How to Find the Septic Drainfields or Leaching Beds or Soakaway Pits

See these articles for details on fiding the septic drainfield by one or more of these methods:

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