Sewer line specifications sketch showing the line between house and septic tankHouse to Septic Tank Sewer Line, Model Specifications for Septic Systems

House to Septic Tank Sewer Line Specifications:

Section 5 of these model septic design regulations discusses the design specifications for installation, placement, use of bends and turns, materials, and separation requirements for the installation of a house sewer line (the line between the house and the septic tank or the piping between a building and a municipal sewer system).

This document uses the New York State wastewater treatment standard for individual household septic systems (Appendix 75-A) to provide an example of state regulated design and installation of both conventional tank and leach field septic systems and alternative septic system designs, including raised septic systems, septic mound systems, intermittent sand filter septic systems, and evaportion-transpiration septic systems.

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House sewer line design specifications - Connecting the Building to the Septic Tank

Effective Date: 12/01/90

[DF NOTE: this section of NYS regulations discusses the installation of house sewer lines which conduct waste from the building interior to an outside septic system or onsite wastewater treatment system. Many state codes, including New York, focus on long-used well-established onsite septic system designs, and omit discussion of other, more recent septic and onsite wastewater handling methods such as aerobic septic systems.

Readers should therefore also be sure to see SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN ALTERNATIVES as well as the other septic system design and design alternative topics which have links at the left of this page.]

(a) House sewers are laid on firm foundation at a minimum grade of one-quarter inch per foot preferably without bends. At least one cleanout with a properly fitted plug is to be provided. The house sewer shall allow for venting of gases from the sewage system.

(b) House sewer construction including materials shall comply with the applicable requirements of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code contained in 9NYCRR, Parts 903 through 907, inclusive, and Part 1250.

© A minimum horizontal separation of 10 feet should exist between the house sewer and any water line. Where lines must cross, the water service line shall be at least 12 inches above the house sewer. If a water line must pass below the house sewer, the vertical separation must be at least 18 inches.

(d) Suction waterlines shall never cross under house sewers or any other component of the sewage system.


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