Aqua2Use Graywater System Septic System Model Regulations for New Septic System Product/System Approval

Interim approval of new or alternative septic system products, designs, or components: these model septic design regulations discusses the procedures for interim approval for new septic system products other septic system types besides those already discussed in detail here.

This document uses the New York State wastewater treatment standard for individual household septic systems (Appendix 75-A) to provide an example of state regulated design and installation of both conventional tank and leach field septic systems and alternative septic system designs, including raised septic systems, septic mound systems, intermittent sand filter septic systems, and evaportion-transpiration septic systems.

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Model Regulation for Interim Approval of New Septic System Components/Designs

The example given below is derived from New York State's Septic System Design Regulations, Appendix 75-A.11. The regulation gives wide latitude to the regulating authority to grant interim approval for the installation and use of new or alternative septic system components and designs.

In our OPINION this breadth is appropriate as a regulation or law can have difficulty anticipating the specifics, components, materials and efficacy of advancements in septic and onsite wastewater treatment.

A regulating authority should not rule out the possibility of making use of new approaches that may significantly improve the level of wastewater treatment and that may thus reduce the risk of environmental impact of private onsite wastewater treatment systems.

The Aqua2Use graywater treatment filter system shown at page top is discussed in detail at GREYWATER SYSTEMS.

Model Interim Approval Septic Regulation Statement

Effective Date:  12/01/90

Title: Appendix 75-A.11 - New product/system design interim approval Section 75-A.11 New product/system design interim approval.
Based upon submission of engineering research and testing data indicating that certain products, design and performance are equivalent to these standards, the commissioner may grant interim approval for the use of systems, products or procedures differing from these standards.


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