PHOTO of new construction placing septic system components in a wet area.Causes of Septic System Drainfield / Soak Bed Failure

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What causes a septic system failure?

This septic system diagnosis article explains the causes of septic system failure in the drain field, leach field, seepage bed, or similar component.

We list the causes of each type of septic component failure, and list the septic component failure criteria or in other words what conditions are defined as "failure"?

We also discuss what can be planted over and near a septic drainfield and what should be avoided.

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How can you distinguish between a blocked pipe, a septic tank that needs pumping, and a clogged drainfield that needs replacement? This is an important question as it distinguishes between relatively low cost maintenance or repair task and a costly septic leach field replacement.

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Septic Absorption Field Failure Causes: what ruins septic drainfields, leaching beds, soakbeds, or soakpits?

PHOTO of a northern Minnesota field where we have ample room to keep septic components well away from the trees - but notice those tire tracks?Here is a list of the causes of sewage wastewater disposal field failures. These factors explain why soakaway beds, seepage beds, leach fields, disposal fields, drainfields, or other synonymous effluent treatment & disposal systems fail early or at the end of a normal life.

Nevertheless a number of additional factors can hasten the demise of a septic soakbed or leachfield.

Research on Avoiding Soakaway Bed Failures


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