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Where to buy aerobic septic system ATU parts and supplies: This article lists suppliers and supply sources for aerobic septic systems, aerobic treatment units, and fine bubble septic aerator systems. This website provides designs and products for aerobic septic treatment units (ATUs) for onsite waste disposal, also called fine bubble aeration systems. We address aerobic septic system design, features, inspection, repair, and maintenance. Product sources are also listed.

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Manufacturers of Aerobic or Aeration Septic System Treatment Unit Equipment

The list below provides companies making aerobic septic system treatment units and related equipment. Following this table, at ATU Sources we list additional contact information for aerobic treatment systems and other septic system and septic equipment suppliers


CompanyLocationNumber of
Flow Range (gpd) daily wastewater flow rate in gallons
Advanced Septic Treatment Systems Sedro Woolley, WA    
Alternative Wastewater Systems, Inc. Batavia, IL 5 500-1500
American Wastewater Systems, Inc. Duson, LA 1 500
Aquarobic International Front Royal, VA 24 500-1500
Bio-Microbics Shawnee, KS 4 500-1500
Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. Beumont, TX 10 500-1500
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. Franklin, OH 10 500-1500
Delta Environmental Products Denham Springs, LA 9 400-1500
H.E. McGrew, Inc. Bossier City, LA 4 500-750
Hoot Aerobic Systems Lake Charles, LA 5 Residential
Commercial at 2000 - multiples of 300,000
Hydro-Action, Inc. Beaumont, TX 7 500-1500
Jet, Inc. Cleveland, OH 6 500-1500
Microseptec, Inc. Laguna Hills, CA 2 600-1500
National Wastewater Systems, Inc. Lake Charles, LA 1 500
Nordbeton North America, Inc. Lake Monroe, FL 1 600
Norweco, Inc. Norwalk, OH 10 500-1500
Pro Flo Aerobic Systems Waller, TX   500 - 1500
South Texas Environmental TX   Parts for Aerobic Septic Systems
Advanced Septic Treatment Systems, Inc
(ATS was Previously Thomas, Inc.)
Sedro Woolley, WA 6 500-1000
Source: US EPA, June 19, 2000. Last update: 07/09/2010-DF. EPA's Source: National Sanitation Foundation, 2000
Product listing submissions are welcome; there is no listing fee. Our website has no financial or other relationship with any product or company listed on these pages, except that some companies have been generous enough to permit our use of their product illustrations.

ATU Aerobic Treatment Unit and related Wastewater Treatment Supply Sources with Website Links

  • Advanced Septic Treatment Systems, Inc, Sedro Woolley, WA Tel: 360-856-0550 , email: - TRD-1000 aerobic treatment system unit. Quoting:
    The TRD-1000 revolutionized the concept of a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for small flow wastewater treatment installations.
    The drop-in packaged treatment plant is easily installed in less than a day and produces a quality effulent that exceeds NSF Treatment Standard 40.Certified in 1998 by NSF International to meet all requirements of the Standard 40 testing protocol, ten years later (2008) the TRD-1000 was retested and certified to Standard 40. The system continues to surpass NSF Standard 40 and all other ATU's in it's effulent quality.
  • SEPTIC SYSTEM SUPPLIERS provides at Directory of Alternative Design Septic Product Suppliers
  • American Wastewater Systems aerobic treatment units
  • Bio-Microbics manufactures a wide variety of innovative wastewater and stormwater products that provide unique solutions for decentralized homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities and commercial properties around the world. Contact: Bio-Microbics Inc., 800-753-FAST (3278), (913) 422-0707, (913) 422-0808(fax) or by email to
  • Cajunaire Wastewater Treatment Systems, 500 gpd to 1000 gpd ATU systems, aerobic sprinkler systems, wastewater pumps, wastewater disinfection systems including chlorination and UV light: from H. E. McGrew, Louisiana
  • Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. , 4899 US Hwy 69 South, Lumberton, Texas 77657, Tel: 800-586-3656, Website:
  • Consolidated Treatment Systems including suspended media treatment systems, aerobic wastewater treatment systems, and reactor vessel wastewater treatment systems.
  • Ecological Tanks manufactures four-chamber (Pretreatment, Aeration, Clarifier, Pumping) Aqua Aire Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Units and Aqua Safe Aerobic Treatment Plants in both fiberglass and concrete to NSF 40 Standards
  • Environment One grinder pump sewer systems for difficult sites and capable of pumping against high head pressures.
  • Hoot aerobic system Hoot Aerobic Systems including ATUs, blowers, controls, disinfection systems, and wastewater treatment monitoring systems. HOOT Systems LLC., 2885 Highway 14E, Lake Charles LA 70607 Tel: 1-800-878-HOOT. HOOT has aerobic treatment septic system dealers in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Okalahoma, Texas, and other areas. Quoting from the company's website (web search 07/09/2010). Image courtesy of Hoot Systems LLC.

    The HOOT Aerobic Treatment System is a complete five-stage, one piece wastewater treatment system. This feature-packed aerobic treatment system operates like a small municipal treatment plant.The efficient five-stage HOOT treatment system is designed with these components
    (numbers correspond to numbers on the illustration at above-left)

    1. Pretreatment tank where influent enters.
    2. Aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water.
    3. Clarifier chamber where the clear, odorless effluent rises.
    4. Chlorinator where the clear effluent passes through for disinfection.*
    5. Holding tank for disinfected* effluent ready for discharge.
    6. Extremely quiet, efficient aerator and pump.
    7. Unique solid-state HOOT Control Center monitors and controls the system.
    8. Discharge Pump

    HOOT ATU models and Aerobic System Installation, Maintenance, Repair Manuals include:

    • Hoot Drip Irrigation & Management Systems, Drip Disposal Design & Installation Guide Manual. Quoting: "The purpose of this design guide is to detail the equipment and design considerations necessary for the effective application of Hoot Aerobic Systems utilizing drip irrigation technology to the onsite wastewater field."
    • HOOT System packaged residential scale wastewater treatment system - top performing, highest level of treatment
    • HOOT-BNR System adds biological nitrogen reduction to the basic system above.
    • LA HOOT System, improved version of Louisiana HOOT, high treatment, lower cost
    • Louisiana HOOT System, original design
    • Commercial HOOT systems where daily flow exceeds 2000 gpd, capable of handling flows in multiple of 300,000 gpd
  • Malibu Water Resources provides the Koenders Aerobic Aerator along with a diffuser.
  • Norweco: Singulair aerobic systems, Modulair packaged wastewater treatment systems, total nitrogen treatment systems, wastewater treatment controls, wastewater and graywater filter systems,effluent pumps, pumping stations, dechlorination tablets, disinfection systems, other products - Norweco aerobic septic system information may be obtained directly from Norweco at Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, Inc., 220 Republic Street Norwalk, Ohio 44857-1156 USA, 419-668-4471 Fax:419-663-5440. Here is what Norweco says "Norweco distributors, public health officials, engineers, architects, designers, industry professionals, system owners, students and teachers will each find information relevant to their individual needs on this site. Our goal is to provide every participant in the small flow water and wastewater field with the best technical and industry information available." In March 2009 we heard from a homeowner of a five year old Norweco aerobic system who complained of noises and odors - we suggested that the system may not have been properly installed or maintained. We will report here on the resolution of that concern.
  • Orenco Systems: effluent pumps, advanced treatment units, sand filters, recirculating sand filters, shallow gravelless systems, wastewater treatment monitoring systems
  • Piranha septic systems use an aerobic bacterial generator placed directly into the septic tank and a patented bacterial culture. [I question the claim by this company that septic tank pumping is eliminated.]
  • Pro Flo Areobic Septic Systems, LP, Wastewater Treatment Systems, 20222 FM 362, Waller, Texas 77484 Telephone: 936-372-5222, Fax: 936-372-5235, Toll Free: 877-GOPROFLO (877-467-7635).
    Pro Flo Aerobic septic system Pro Flo says that their system is "capable of turning regular household sewage into a clear odorless liquid within 24 hours".

    NSF approved Web search 02/15/2011, Examples of Pro Flo aerobic systems are below.
  • Septic Genie, Aerobic Septic Systems, Michael Grubb, NAWT Certification No: 108970 IC, Email:, Tel: 1-877-994-3643 Web: - readers should see SEPTIC DRAINFIELD RESTORERS?
  • South Texas Environmental sells various types of septic pumps including aerobic air pumps for aerobic septic systems, other pumps, aerators, aerobic treatment unit parts ATU parts, ATU floats, ATU diffusers, Aerobic Treatment System control panels, and Gast [air] compressors used to drive aeration systems.
  • Pond Expo Alita brand aeration pumps for ponds and other aeration systems
  • NSFInternational, The Public Health and Safety Company, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, maintains a list of wastewater treatment unit manufacturers and may offer other products and advice for ATU's and other onsite wastewater treatment methods.




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