Steep Slate Roofs - A Photo Library

Steep & vertical slope slate installations:

Photographs of slate used on steep roofs, vertical surfaces, and steeples. This slate roofing photo library shows various kinds of roofing slate, slate roof colors, slate roof patterns, and roofing slate defects.

This photographic dictionary of roofing slates is a supplement to our detailed article (links at the "More Reading" links at the bottom of this article ) describing procedures for evaluating the condition of slate roofing.

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Photo Guide to Installations of Slates on Steep Roofs, Mansards, Steeples, or Vertical Wall Surfaces

Steep roof slates

Mansard roof Slate on steep pitch
, very good condition in this case; careful nailing, perhaps extra nails, may be used when installing slate or any nailed-roofing material on a very steep or vertical surface such as this mansard slate roof.

Slates on a steep roof

Mansard slate, note slipping slate - check condition of fasteners

Slate on a steep roof - example

Slate on steep church steeple, looks good from a distance

Slate on a steep roof - example

Slate on steeple with its top shortened

Slate on a steep roof - example

Slate removed
, - asphalt shingle steeple is shown in this photograph where the building owners opted to replace slate with asphalt.



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