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Plastic roofing products, properties, sources:

This article describes plastic or synthetic roofing materials, choices, installations, inspection, defects, roofing repairs, and product sources.

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Plastic Roofing Materials, Choices, Costs, Life Expectancy, Characteristics

Question about Plastic Roofing Products:

Mira Vista Shingles - Owens Corning Birka White Law FirmDo you have any information on an Owens Corning plastic roof shingle? It’s not made anymore and I didn’t know why it got pulled off the market.


Plastic roofing shingles, tiles, slates, or "wood" shingles are manufactured using polymer-based or composite materials that may offer improved impact resistance (such as resistance to hail damage). Polymer-based or plastic roofing products are generally about the same weight as laminated asphalt roof shingles, therefore lighter than cement-based shingles, clay roof tiles, or slate roofs.

Owens Corning, to address your question, produces a number of plastic roof products: roof vents, banding material, foam insulation, and plastic roof cement. But their site [web search 05/20/2010] did not turn up plastic roof shingles nor information about the discontinued Owens Corning plastic shingles that you cite.

However in 2002 Handy Magazine reported that Owens Corning was distributing Mira Vista, a composite shingle made of fiberglass, ground clay, and slate. That product was subject of a Mira Vista class action lawsuit settled in 2007. Mira Vista image at above left - Birka White.

Types of Plastic & Synthetic & Synethetic Resin Roofing Tiles & Products

Plastic & Synthetic Roofing Tile Suppliers

Here is a quick list of common roofing plastic and synethetic materials. Our roofing inspection, diagnosis, repair and installation articles listed at left and below provide roof inspection, roof leak or problem diagnosis, roof installation, and roof repair information as well as details about the factors that affect the life of any roof. We include roof warranty and claim information and links to roofing product sources.

A number of companies produce plastic or recycled plastic roof coverings in a variety of styles that look a lot like clay tile roofs, cedar shingles, slate roofs, wood roofing, and even asphalt shingle roofs.

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ASA roofing made in China - contact information given below

Here are some examples:

ASA Resin Roof Tiles - see list below for contact information for these tiles made in China or India

Plastic thatch roofing from Keba GM Group Co., Ltd., China Synthetic thatch roofing from Keba GM Group

Many of these plastic roofing product producers call plastic roofing a "green" product - giving plastic roofing materials credit for using recycling, and some products are reported to be made entirely of recycled plastics.

Synthetic Roofing R-Values & Thermal Ratings

Reader Question: (Mar 10, 2014) Jean D Steele & Associates said: thermal rating figure for Authentic roof system

Trying to get a thermal rating figure for Authentic roof system.
Rw= ?

Reply: contact information for Authentic Roof Systems

Authentic Roof system is a synthetic slate company found at - Crowe Building Products, who distribute roofing products in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Western U.S.

Crowe, 385 Dundas St. N, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5R1 Canada
Email Tel: 1-888-533-3358

To ask for a specifications sheet for the particular Authentic Roofing System product of interest.

Owens Corning Mira Vista Plastic Roof Shingle Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement

According to Birka-White, a law firm who handled the case, a roofing product case settled by The Birka-White Law Offices in 2007 involved Owens Corning "MiraVista" shakes manufactured by Owens Corning, Molded FiberGlass Companies and Molded FiberGlass Companies West between 1996 and 2002.

MiraVista was manufactured largely from fiberglass resin and inorganic fillers. The case was prosecuted in the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware, Case No. 00-3837. On January 23, 2007, the Court granted final approval of the settlement which consists of $11 million dollars plus optional replacement MiraVista shakes.

Defective Mira Vista roofing claims website defunct

Complete information about the Mira Vista settlement and claim forms were available at the Mira Vista Settlement website at [not found online 07/12/2010]. The claims administrator was at 1-800-947-4460


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