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Clay roofing tile alternatives:

Examples other roof coverings that look like clay roofing tiles. Duralita, other fiber cement roofing and plastic roofing tiles, cement or concrete roof tiles, and metal roof tiles are described here.

We include product sources for these materials.

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Description of Duralita Cardboard-reinforced Cement Roofing Tiles & Corrugated Roofing Products & Concrete & Metal Clay-Tile Pattern Roof Alternatives

Duralita cardboard reinforced cement roofing (C) Daniel Friedman

Duralita, an alternative to both clay roofing tiles as well as other fiber reinforced cement roofing products is produced in El Salvador and used widely throughout central america and north america.

Duralita is a series of brightly-colored cardboard-reinforced cement corrugated roofing products produced by the Duralita, manufacturer of the same name. From the ground Duralita resembles clay roofing tiles.

Panels of Duralita are secured using fiber or rubber washers and threaded rods or bolts.

Duralita tejalitas are sheets of reinforced concrete that are intended to resemble roof tiles.

Corrugated cardboard cement products of the same composition, Lámina, are sold in sheets of various sizes and similar colors.

You can see an installation of Duralita at the Posada del Bosque Encantado, a hotel operated by our acquaintance Terry Rubin who was kind enough to inform us about this product.

Below we show Duralita's trademark useful to identify this material.

Many fiber cement roofing products sold in the U.S. are represented as complying with ASTM C1225, a standard for nonasbestos fiber-cement roofing shingles; but in its current form, this standard does not guarantee long-term durability.

Watch out: Only a product with a proven long-term track record in a specific climate zone should be considered.

Duralita roofing trademark

Metal Substitutes for Clay Tile Roofing Shapes & Patterns

Below we illustrate a metal version of clay-tile roof look-alike products similar in appearance to Duralita type clay tile roofing substitute.

The roof seen from above and shown at below left is on a structure in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato,Mexico, and the roof at below right, seen from underneath, is installed in Gogorron, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. As is apparent from our photos, these simulated clay tile roofs are sold in larger sections that are simply nailed to the supporting structure.

This roof is very light - you can see that minimal support is required. It is also noisy enough to defy speech and hearing during rain or hail storms. Other examples of corrugated roofing products (that do not look like clay roof tiles) can be seen at Corrugated Cement-Asbestos Roofing.

Duralita type clay tile roofing substitute, Gogorron, San Luis Potosi, Mexico (C) Daniel Friedman Duralita type clay tile roofing substitute, Gogorron, San Luis Potosi, Mexico (C) Daniel Friedman

Modular metal roof shingles are discussed separately at MODULAR METAL ROOF SHINGLE SYSTEM.

Concrete Alternatives to Clay Tile Roofing

Concrete roof tiles (C) Carson Dunlop Associates & InspectAPediaCONCRETE ROOFING discusses cast concrete in clay tile shapes. [Click to enlarge any image]

Sources of concrete roofing tiles include:

Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction lists these producers and sources of concrete roofing tilies


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