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Photographs of pollen matched with the source plant:

Matching photos of plants & flowers to their unique pollen grains a Photo ID Library for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Here is a sampling of our photomicrographs of pollen common in the various areas of the world. In this article are samples from our library of over 240,000 photographs of mold, pollen, allergens, and other airborne and forensic particles available in our bioaerosol laboratory.

Here are a few samples of common pollen allergens and the plants and flowers from which they derive. We pair color photographs of the plant with microphotographs of each plant's pollen grains.

Included also are photographs of plants and matching pollen from other areas in the U.S., Canada, Spain, France, and Mexico, and from other countries. Included are pollen and plants include the New York Hudson Valley. We include links to detailed articles about individual pollen and plant species.

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Pollen Photographs through the Microscope Paired with Source Plant Images

Shown below are several species illustrated with photographs of the flower, its pollen producing components, and the individual pollen grains.

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Anemone flower Pollen

de Caen variety Anemone flowers and their pollen (C) Daniel Friedman

For details see ANEMONE FLOWER POLLEN - a separate article, for detals

River birch pollen (C) Daniel Friedman 2013

Birch pollen - River Birch pollen photograph series from tree to flower to anthers to pollen See BIRCH POLLEN - a separate article, for details

Buttercup Flower & Pollen photographs

Buttercup plant Buttercup flower Buttercup pollen

Buttercup plant Buttercup flower - Ranunculus acris Buttercup pollen - 400X

[Click any image to see an enlarged, detailed version]

Maple Tree & Pollen Photographs

Norway Maple Acer saccharinium  pollen sugar maple pollen (C) Daniel Friedman Maple pollen photo: Acer (C) Daniel Friedman

At above left is a photograph of Maple pollen, possibly Norway Maple @ 400X. The use of basic fuchsin is common when examining pollen as is the use of Calberla's solution but this photo shows such dark pink stain that it's the mark of a

At above center is a photograph of another maple pollen, Acer saccharinium - sugar maple. beginner - me when this photo was taken.

At above right is a photograph of what again looks like a maple pollen, this one collected from a car hood (Brooklyn NY 4/26/2014) demonstrating that with careful focus of the microscope it is possible to see the pollen cell wall and its operculi [sic - depending on the shape of the opening in the pollen grain shouldn't this be colpi?] without use of strong stains.

This maple pollen has four operculi visible on some of the pollen grains.

Definition of colpus or colpi: A colpus is an elongated opening in the pollen grain with a length to width ration greater than 2.

Definition of Operculum or operculi: an operculm is an open in a pollen grain characterized as

A distinctly delimited sexineectexine structure which covers part of an ectoaperture and which is completely isolated from the rest of the sexine. - Snyder et als (2007 retrieved 4/26/14 original source

Oak Leaf structural details in the microscope

Oak leaf structure

Oak leaf structure

A Photo Tour of the Tulip Poplar or Yellow Poplar Tree: photographs tour from the tree to its flowers to its pollen

Tulip Poplar pollen

[Click to enlarge any image]

Tulip Poplar Tulip Poplar bark Tulip Poplar leaf Tulip Poplar flower Tulip Poplar pollen

Tulip Poplar or Yellow Poplar Tree - Liriodendran Tulipifera followed by photographs of Tulip Poplar bark, Tulip Poplar Leaf, Tulip Poplar flower (Magnolia family), Tulip Poplar pollen at 400X

Poppy Flower & Pollen photographs

Poppy flowe Poppy pollen

Poppy flower and plant, Poppy pollen - 400X

Pollen Morphology References of Interest


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