Hot water loop circulator timer (C) Daniel FriedmanHow to Speed up Delivery of Hot Water in buildings

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Instant or fast hot water delivery to plumbing fixtures in buildings:

This article explains methods used to speed up the delivery of hot water to plumbing fixtures. This discussion applies to conventional water heaters as well as indirect fired water heaters, tankless coils, tankless water heaters, instant water heaters or "on demand" water heaters.

If you are waiting endlessly for hot water to arrive at your sink, tub, or shower, your home may feel as if the piping is as long and the hot water as far away as if your home were as large as the Victoria Hotel on Victoria Island (above). Hotels use a hot water piping loop or point of use heaters to give guests hot water. Some people make these improvements in their home as well.

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How to Speed Up the Delivery of Hot Water in a Building

Photograph of the Empress Hotel, Victoria Island, BCPortions of the original text of this article was provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop and Rinnai water heaters. Our OPINION is that readers looking for plenty of hot water heated efficiently should also consider the heater we describe at Indirect-fired Water Heaters.

Before you start fixing or buying stuff to fix a hot water problem hot water problems and diagnostic guides for all kinds of hot water troubles are summarized at WATER HEATER PROBLEM DIAGNOSIS. You might want to check there to be sure you're fixing the right problem.

Length of Time for Hot Water to Get from The Tankless Water Heater to the Plumbing Fixture

Unless your hot water piping system is using a continuous hot water loop to circulate hot water between plumbing fixtures and the hot water heater (hotels, perhaps like the Hotel Victoria, Vancouver Island BC, shown at left do this) the time to get hot water from its source to any given plumbing fixture (sink, tub, shower, etc). is a function of water pressure, pipe size, and any obstructions in the water pathway.

The starting temperature of the hot water (from the heating source) is also a factor since the water loses heat to cool piping along the way to its destination.

Water flow obstructions include clogged pipes, clogged plumbing fittings or faucets and valves, flow restrictors, or mixing valves. These conditions exist regardless of how your hot water is made.

Hot water loop circulator timer (C) Daniel Friedman

Rinnai provides this example of tankless water heater delivery speed:

If your kitchen sink is 50 feet and the water flow rate is 1 gallon per minute than it will take 90 seconds for hot water to reach your sink.

Our photo (left) shows an energy-saving Grundfoss circulator and timer installed on a water heater whose plumbing includes a hot water piping loop through the building. [The plumbing loop is not visible in the picture].

Various plumbing sources including Rinnai offer several solutions to speeding up hot water delivery in buildings:

Hot water recirculating line warning (C) D Friedman Carson Dunlop Associates

All of these methods add cost to the hot water production and delivery system in a building.


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Some of the FAQs discussed below are adapted from information provided by the Watts Regulator Company in a 1973 publication.[10]

Question: how do I size the T&P relief valve on a hot water recirculating system?

What should be the size of the hot water circulating pipes & connections to keep balanced temperature in the hot water storage tank and to prevent the temperature and pressure relief valve from opening up when it shouldn't? - Watts

Reply: set proper circulating piping diameter

Circulating piping on a hot water recirculating system should be at least equal to the full size of the circulation connection on the heater (the circulating pump connections) and never smaller than 3/4" in diameter. [10] paraphrased


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