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Crude oil exposure hazards, oil exposure limits, and information about crude oil dispersants and their MSDS information are provided here.

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Health Hazards of Human Exposure to Crude Oil Fumes or Liquid or to Crude Oil Dispersants

Crude Oil Material Data Safety Sheet - Crude Oil MSDS

The Crude Oil MSDS identifies the key components in crude oil and discusses crude oil hazards, health effects from over exposure, chronic exposure to crude oil, and other information.

See MSDS Sheet for CRUDE OIL for a good summary of crude oil exposure hazards and accidental spill procedures.

This Crude Oil MSDS from Martin Marietta Materials Corp. provides health, safety, exposure, and toxicological as well as ecological information. Important basic crude oil exposure protection advice is included for persons responding to accidental release (a crude oil spill).

This Crude Oil MSDS from El Paso Corp is provided by the El Paso Corporation. The El Paso Crude Oil MSDS indicates that Toxicological and Ecological information were unavailable in this document last revised 06/26/2007.

Crude Oil Dispersant Material Data Safety Sheets - Corexit and Other Dispersants

See our full discussion of crude oil dispersants at MSDS Sheets for OIL DISPERSANTS or go directly to the individual crude oil dispersant MSDS material safety data sheets listed just below.

In addition to the MSDS links for Corexit products shown here, we have edited the Complete US EPA Table of Crude Oil Dispersants to add links to individual crude oil dispersant product MSDS in the original US EPA Dispersant list.

"May 19, 2010 Addendum 2 to Dispersant Monitoring and Assessment Directive ("Addendum 2")", to Rear Admiral Mary Landry, Commander, Eighth Cost Guard District, New Orleans LA, and Samuel Coleman, P.E., Director, Superfund Division, Dallas TX, from Douglas J. Suggles, B.P. - letter, PDF (U.S. EPA) discusses a comparison of available oil dispersants and the company's basis for choosing Corexit as the dispersant of choice in the circumstances of the Gulf Oil Spill.

The letter makes plain that the need for a quick response combined with the availability of Corexit for that choice.

Readers should also see OIL TANK SAFETY where we describe the flammability and explosion hazards of fuel oil fumes and where we provide an extensive list of hazards and safety concerns for fuel oil.

Also see OIL TANK LEAK ADVICE for our detailed advice on handling leaky oil tanks as well as links to oil tank leak regulations for U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

Readers should also see BOILER NOISE SMOKE ODORS for a discussion of flue gas leaks, smells, and hazards from the combustion products of oil burning heating appliances.


Continue reading at MSDS Sheets for OIL DISPERSANTS or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.

Or see MSDS Sheet for CRUDE OIL - PDF



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