LARGER IMAGE - of this source of Cat dander and dog dander from pets living indoors can be a problem for people with allergies and asthma. How to Remove Pet & Other Animal or Human Odors, & Smells Inside or At Buildings

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How to remove or clean off animal smells, urine, stains inside or outside of buildings: this article provides suggestions for cleaning off or removing animal or human odor removal from building interiors, building exterior surfaces, from soils around buildings or from urine-odor smelly clothing, bedding, and other soft goods.

This article series explains how to stop, get rid of & prevent future pet or other animal odors from buildings due to pet urine, pet feces, wild animal urine, or even human urine on and around buildings or on clothing and other soft materials.

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Cleaning Suggestions for Removal of Pet Odors & Pet Urine Indoors

Exploring below stained smelly carpeting (C) Daniel FriedmanHere we describe how to remove smells & odors traced to human or animal urine.

This website provides articles on to diagnose, test, identify, and cure or remove a wide range of obnoxious or even toxic odors in buildings and in building water supply.

We discuss odors from a variety of sources including animals including pets, dogs, cats, or unwanted animals or dead animals, formaldehyde odors in buildings from building products or furnishings, plumbing drains, plastic or vinyl odors from building products, flue gases, oil tanks or oil spills, pesticides, septic odors, sewer gases, and even abandoned chemicals at properties. Thanks to reader Cathye Bunthoff for odor tracking suggestions.


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URINE ODOR REMOVAL in CLOTHING that describes bacterial/enzyme based cleaners that may be extra effective in removing human or animal urine odors from clothing, diapers, bedding, towels, etc.

ANIMAL or URINE ODOR SOURCE DETECTION for advice on finding the source of urine or animal smells at or in buildings, we give advice concerning the detection and removal of animal smells & odors from dogs, cats, or other pets.

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