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Building humming noise troubleshooting: causes & cures.

What are the common sources of a humming sound heard in or near buildings?

Which humming noises indicate that repairs are needed? Cures for building humming sounds.

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Humming Sounds in & Near buildings

Photograph of  This new compressor was placed directly against
a brick wall. One third of its condenser coil cooling ability was blocked.Humming noises, also described more often as buzzing, occur at failing relays such as the relay in a heating system or air conditioning system or controls for circulator pumps. Just about anywhere that an electric motor, electric relay, or low voltage transformer is used inside a building or its equipment there may be a humming sound.

Humming noises outside of buildings are often traced to a power transformer located on or near the property and of course don't rule out nearby equipment on adjoining properties. Even power lines can produce a humming sounds.

Humming sounds around air conditioner compressor motors, fan motors, well pumps or other motors may be normal if the motor is running, but may also indicate a motor that is unable to start.

Dont' rule out medical causes of perceived humming sounds in and around building.


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