Unsupported chimney (C) Daniel FriedmanBuilding Chimney Noise Problems & Safety Warnings
Diagnose, & Cure Chimney Noise Problems

  • CHIMNEY NOISE DIAGNOSIS - CONTENTS: Building & house noises traced to chimney problems: wind leaks, loose caps, animal invaders & dangerous chimney fires, a catalog of sources of chimney noises: lists of causes, cures, and detection methods for sounds traced to the chimney
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Building chimney noise troubleshooting: causes & cures.

These articles discuss the causes of noises or sounds traced to building chimneys, flues & vents, ranging from thermal expansion clicks and cracks to wind howling to a dangerous chimney fire that sounds like a roaring freight train.

We include recommendations on how to inspect, diagnose & cure chimney noise or sound problems in homes or commercial buildings.

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Chimney noises in or on buildings - Danger Signs?

Chimney damage (C) Daniel FriedmanChimney noises in or on buildings range from normal to irritating to extremely dangerous:

  • Animals in the chimney: chimneys are often invaded by birds, squirrels, raccoons, and wallabes. We've read that Australians used to leave a dead cat or a shoe in the chimney flue to ward off evil.

    Watch out: any chimney blockage, whether by an old shoe, a dead cat (mean), or a stork's nest is dangerous. Some animals find it easier to get into the chimney than to get out.

    Blocked flues can cause a chimney fire that can in turn set the building afire, or a blocked flue can result in production of fatal carbon monxide gas that, entering the building's occupied space, can kill off more than just a cat or two.

    Personal note: I like cats and I vigorously oppose their incarceration in chimneys, septic tanks, or other inappropriate mythological locations, whether dead or alive - DF.

Photograph of a damaged masonry chimney.See ANIMAL ENTRY POINTS in BUILDINGS

Keep animals out of the chimney flue by installing a proper chimney top cap and screen - something you may also require for fire safety if the chimney serves a wood-burning appliance.


  • WIND NOISE at chimneys may be caused by wind blowing over a chimney that lacks a chimney cap, has a damaged chimney cap in place, or has openings or damage to the chimney itself.

    Wind-noise at a chimney will be intermittent and will depend on wind and weather conditions.
  • Chimneys & Chimney Fires: fireplaces, wood stoves, other heating equipment that are improperly installed or that are not properly maintained can be serious fire hazards.

    Watch out: A chimney fire sounds like a roaring freight train. If you suspect a chimney fire and can do so safely, shut down your wood stove (close all air intakes) or close any chimney dampers as well, immediately exit the building, and call the fire department from outdoors.


    Also see WOOD Burning Heaters Fireplaces Stoves

See CHIMNEY INSPECTION DIAGNOSIS REPAIR for a complete guide to chimney and flue inspection, diagnosis & repair


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