Photograph: typical cosmetic bluestain mold on new framing lumber, floor joists -  © Daniel Friedman

Avoid Costly Cleanups for Cosmetic-Only Mold on Framing
Mold Remediation Mistakes to Avoid

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Mold remediation mistakes: avoid unnecessarily costly unnecessary cleaning if the only mold present is cosmetic black mold on wood surfaces. Public worry about toxic black mold contamination has led some folks to perform expensive cleaning, even demolition, when the only mold present was a harmless, cosmetic black staining mold found on framing lumber.

This section of our "How to Clean Mold" article describes common mistakes people make when attempting to clean up mold. Avoiding these mold cleanup errors can save you money and may also avoid dangerous side effects of bleach, mold chemicals, or ozone when improperly applied.

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Warning About Cosmetic Mold Remediation - Avoid unnecessary & expensive "black mold" cleanup projects for cosmetic molds and stains

It's important to distinguish cosmetic Ceratocystis, blue stain mold, blue rot, from other problem molds which in fact might be "toxic black mold" such as Stachybotrys chartarum or harder to spot but often more problematic molds in buildings such as the Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus sp. families of molds. One of our clients had begun a $600,000. "mold remediation" project on their home.

Black mold on a building interior wall (C) Daniel FriedmanA careful investigation of the property found that all of the "black mold" which had frightened the owners and which had resulted in this expensive cleaning contract, was cosmetic "blue stain" mold which had been present on the lumber since the day of construction of the building.

The mold was of no concern other than a cosmetic one. Other clients occasionally send "not mold" samples to our laboratory.

To be sure you're not incurring a big and unnecessary expense, be sure that the "mold" to be addressed is really mold, and further, that it's not just a cosmetic mold, read the articles below before undertaking a costly mold remediation project.



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