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Here we provide key articles on mold-related illness, including lists of mold related symptoms and complaints, a clinical atlas of mold toxicity, fiberglass hazards, odors and gases, pollen and other allergens, how to recognize allergens in buildings, and suggestions about possible bacterial hazards such as due to sewage backups.

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This website provides information and procedures for finding, testing, cleaning and preventing indoor mold, toxic black mold, green mold, testing building indoor air quality, and other sick house / sick building investigations. We also offer detailed advice on mold prevention and mold-resistant construction resistant to indoor problem molds such as the Aspergillus sp., Penicillium sp. and Stachybotrys chartarum groups.

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For background on how and why molds can be toxic, see this WHO World Health Organization Mold Bulletin. Our page top photo shows severe mold contamination on the ceiling of a building basement exposed to flooding.

Question: Salem Oregon Environmental Contamination Concerns, EPA studies, Recommendations

12/12/2014 - Email from K.M. in Salem OR: [our dogs ] ... just jumped off the couchand couldn't get up.

We have been trying to figure out what is going on since the beginning of summer in 2014. It started out we were planting new grass in the backyard. Suddenly it all died and would not grow. Then we noticed that our dogs were all \4/ were getting black "hair" on them and very dry or course. They started showing signs of a neurological disorder and or little one was even paralyzed for four days for unknown reasons.

Just jumped off couch as always, and couldn't get up, test show nothing after day 3 he started to walk but "drunk like" now back to normal. When thee dogs go outside, whatever is on them changes temp and the have a very strong "chemical" smell when they come in,giving us a headache and feeling anxious and short of breath.

We are having a lot of medical problems that cannot be pin pointed to anything wrong.

Can you help us figure out what the heck is going on. No one we call can help us and we are out of money due to testing and medical bills,but I feel that our lives are very much at risk here as I personally can't take much more of this. Please contact me at 503-856-8462 in Salem Oregon if you have any ideas for help.


Quoting from News & US EPA studies conducted in Salem Oregon,

In late 2012, residents of the West Salem, Oregon area submitted two petitions to the EPA citing their concerns about multiple cases of osteosarcoma in their community. The petitions asked EPA to look for environmental contaminants that could be causing people in their community to fall ill. - retrieved 12/12/2014, original source: 7780249be8f251538825650f0070bd8b/ 179d7aa5ec6ac32988257b26006f4c79!OpenDocument

This was followed-up by

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigation into possible environmental causes for a string of childhood cancer cases in West Salem has turned up no contamination or other issues.

“It’s really odd for us to come in and see low or no levels of contamination,” Tony Barber, of EPA’s Portland office, told parents of the children in an emotional, two-hour private meeting Tuesday night.

EPA plans to publicly release its report on Wednesday.

The agency agreed to the study in December 2012, in response to a public petition, after 17-year-old West Salem High School student Lisa Harder died of osteosarcoma. - retrieved 12/12/2014, original source:

I also found other articles describing environmental worries in the area including complaints about soot and cinders dating to 1919 - "Salem's Pollution Problem (1929)", reporting that Spaulding and Oregon Pulp were the principal sources of the cinders. - retrieved 12/12/2014, original source:

We cannot pretend to diagnose environmental complaints nor possibly-environmentally-related health worries by e-text nor phonecall. But some general advice would include:

1. consult with your doctor as well as your veternarian, or if appropriate ask for a referral to an expert in environmental medicine

2. if there is compelling evidence of building or site environmental complaints some research about possible contaminant sources - industries, spills, etc. - can sometimes point the way to just what toxins or contaminants for which to look. Without that intelligence it is in my OPINION a bit too easy and glib to perform some more arbitrary tests and find no indications of anything worth attention.

At MOLD EXPOSURE STANDARDS - and also MOLD RELATED ILLNESS SYMPTOMS [this article] we discuss circling disease in sheep - a mold-related illness that I have observed in dogs who live in a moldy environment (depending of course on animal sensitivity, exposure level, and particular mold genera/species present).

Keep me posted

References: Environmental Contamination / Health Studies re: Salem OR


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