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Reader concerns about toxicity of "green" drywall products

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Greeen or low-toxicity drywall: reader opinion:

This article discusses a reader question and opinions on environmentally friendly or low-toxicity drywall or gypsum board, "green" building products including green drywall, and green building product certifying agencies as well as green drywall suppliers.

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What are you getting if you buy the "Green" or "low toxicity" drywall or gypsum board panels

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Reader Question:

Any thoughts regarding MagO walls?

Researching less toxic options since the walls we got from Certianteed (@$32 bucks a sheet) are coming apart just months after installation; don't think they're cleaning our air( 75 yrs pure air up to 25v coats of paint also made from COAL ASH GYPSUM + = yuk) as their commercials w/ Mike Holmes & Ty Pennington claim.

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Hard to find precautionary principal rules to apply; takes a mortality rate for eons before affirmative actions.

Lots of lawsuits w/ china & american made; meanwhile people are negatively impacted. Your thoughts?

Is there such a thing as green drywall? If so, what alternatives to conventional drywall do you recommend? | Green Home Guide - cited by reader,

Found a lot of info touting the miracle of MagO products like Dragonboard (China) & JetBoard (Texas) also found a company AmeriForm supplier near us in Cicero, ILLinois.

Quotes from various sites please refer to below; Youtube has many videos sing praises of MagO fire safety etc.

GeoBoard® - Decorative Cement Board | Ameriform® is a decorative cement board used in both interior & exterior applications such as exterior ventilated rain-screen systems, exterior & interior cladding ...

The Most Innovative Building Product at the 2014 IBS – JetBoard by JetProducts......"Winners of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) second annual Best of International Builders’ Show (IBS) Awards were selected in February at the 2014 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. Awards were given to exhibitors with a product or line that showed the best combination of design, functionality and innovation.
More than 250 exhibitors applied to be considered for the seven awards, including the Most Innovative Building Product Award."
....." Product Description: Calcium silicate board --- Magnesium oxide board

Magnesium Oxide Board has the features as follows:

(1)Non-flammability: Gemtreeboard is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade A1 standard (GB8624-2006 Grade A1). In case of fire, the board will not burn and not give off poisonous smoke, and is ideal in multi storey building such as offices and appartments for escape routes and shaftwall, or dividing walls in commercial units.

(2)Water-proofing and moisture-proofing: The product is allowed to long-term expose to moist environment. Test results prove that after this material has been immersed in water for one month,it keeps its original shape without deformation or expansion and its dry-wet deforming ratio is 0%.

(3)Problem-free: Gemtreeboard provides good insulation against bugs, fungus and corrosion. It can last for a long-time and will not corrode.

(4)High-Strength and Lightweight: Owing to the density is not high ,the board is light weight, in this case, it can decrease weight of building greatly. At the same time, the material is high-strength and not easy to be damaged.

(5)Easiness to construct: Gemtreeboard is easy to cut, saw nail, stick. Gemtreeboard has a smooth finish one side that can be taped and jointed ready for decoration including wallpapering, painting, texture coat and veneer, and a rougher side for tiling.

(6)Environment: Gemtreeboard does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substitances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways. As such, saw dust from Gemtreeboard can safely be disposed off in landfills. Off-cuts of Gemtreeboard can be reground and reused back at the production factory.

(7)Polywood substitution, particle board substitution and MDF substitution.

Performance:Testing Item Data Basis Apparent densitye 0.85-1.5t/m3 JC688-2006 Moisture content≤8%JC688-2006

Percentage of dry shrinkage≤0.3%JC688-2006

Percentage of water swelling≤0.6%JC688-2006

Screw_withdrawal force≥70N/mmJC688-2006

Dehalogenation resistanceNo water and no moisture createdJC688-2006Content of chloride ion≤10%JC688-2006

Fireproof performance

A1 non-flammabilityGB8624-2006Fire resistant time2hA 90mm-thick partition with 6mm mgo board on both sides of studs

Fire resistant time4hA 99mm-thick partition with 12mm mgo board on both sides of studs

Sound insulation42dB9mm MgO board+75 stud+50 rockwool

Bending strength16MPa9mmImpacting strength5.5Kj/m29mm

EnvironmentNo radioaction, asbestos or formaldehyde freeGB656-2001

Water permeability No moisture or water CECS9597

Alkali Resistance CECS9597

Thermal conductivity0.109

Average temperature: 30±5Kcal/m°chr

Suitable places for application:

Interlayer walls

2.External walls

3. Partitions

4.Sound-resistance structure

5. Fire-proof structures

6.Fire-proof doors

7.Water-proof doors


9.pillar wrapping

10. Cabinet board

12.Flue board

13.Addition structure

official website ---www .gemtreeboard .com "

- anonymous by private email



We've heard similar complaints about drywall and "green-certified" drywall performance as well as about other products from readers who've been to "Green" websites or sought and bought "green-labelled" products.

OPINION: Unfortunately for people with a particular levels of concern about various aspects of the terms "green" or "environmentally-resonsible" or "healthy home" products, the construction industry, as other industries, has recognized the marketing value of the "green" label. Meanwile "green-labeling" itself has become difficult to navigate as self-appointed, self-labeling, self-certifying agences spring up to fill the market need. Some of these may be serious players, others simply less-obvious industry-marketing agencies.

Even LEED building certification is confusing, as the point-system allows a builder to earn points on some areas of energy conservation while paying them or at least missing them on others, leaving a consumer confused about just what "certification" means to them.

We cannot and don't in general recommend any specific product and we are as stymied as you about green building product or energy-efficient product labeling and agencies.

Whether reading ratings by a certifying agency or reading online product reviews, kudos, or gripes, consumers have to read with care as producers and sellers are acutely aware of the possible impact of good or bad publicity as well as review and website and search engine gaming techniques.

Consumers are left having to read the fine print and think for themselves.

InspectAPedia is an independent publisher of building, environmental, and forensic inspection, diagnosis, and repair information provided free to the public - we have no business nor financial connection with any manufacturer or service provider discussed at our website.

We are dedicated to making our information as accurate, complete, useful, and unbiased as possible: we very much welcome critique, questions, or content suggestions for our web articles. Working together and exchanging information makes us better informed than any individual can be working alone.

If you agree, I'll post your comment and concern as well as our reply an an appropriate website page and give you that link; our default is to keep you anonymous unless you want to be identified.

Often allowing the sun to shine on a public concern can be helpful and it can also bring comments from more-expert readers, consumers, etc. F]

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