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    Burn me Red Queen!
    When my eyes caress you
    the depths of my soul
    ignite so hot that
    the sun is powerless,
    no more than a cool breeze
    falling across my face.

    Burn me Red Queen!
    Until not even birds
    flying so far and alone
    can pass above us
    without sensing it:
    your light, rebellious sunrise
    over clear fresh lake where
    below, floating, we touch.

    Yes Burn me Red Queen!
    You who encompass me
    arrowed point blank
    at hearts' center,
    lake of fire, where
    our passion consumes us,
    a cauldron where we are lost.

    Burn me Red Queen!
    When you touch me
    exactly as I desire,
    I am dreaming, exploding sunlight, a threshold
    across which we fall, sun fall on us,
    until you consume us.

    Burn us Red Queen!
    Eternal incendiary
    until we are washed away
    souls cleansed, made one
    with crystalline tears,
    distillation from the lake
    of your perpetual fire.

    Daniel Friedman's Poetry & Short Stories
    Daniel Friedman's bio


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