NoNeck Mouse

    There's this no neck mouse
    living in my house
    while the snow
    is too deep

    He's brazen, Mr. NoNeck,
    mouse in my house,
    grazing on my dirt and
    poopin' on my shirt and
    peein' everywhere.

    All the good food
    is safe, tight,
    in jars--might as well
    be on Mars, far's
    Mr. NoNeck's concerned.

    So this NoNeck brazen
    grazin' house mouse,
    he sings and prances while
    Miss Leashed Dog dances
    taut at end of tether.

    Outright laughin, Mr. NoNeck's
    passin right by Mark's
    no-mouse machine,
    with a mean grin on
    his nasty little no-neck face.

    Mr. NoNeck giggles,
    zips by in a flash,
    near-tickled by the hair
    of our frowning eyebrows--
    he's that close.

    The breeze of his passing sends
    clumps of red dog hair
    spinning on oak floor but
    tonight when we sleep it'll
    warm NoNeck's nest.

    He dreams he can speak:
    he says "what the heck"
    and arches his no-neck
    then calls all his friends
    to pee in my teapot.


    Daniel Friedman's Poetry & Short Stories
    Daniel Friedman's bio

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