Spider Bites Miss Muppety

    So pale that miss muppety
    sat down on her tuppety
    eating her white curds and whey

    while she didn't know
    sat just down below
    a spider awaiting for day

    then came that miss spider
    a black one, to bite her
    the others just shouted hooray!

    A dark one and uppity
    that bit our miss muppety
    finding her pale, but a prey

    a bite from this widow
    a pinch from that shadow
    a muppety supper that day

    cried out did the whitey
    right up to almighty
    a shout up and out and away

    But she was a goner
    arachnids were on her
    oh happy they were on that day

    - for Uma N.

    Daniel Friedman's Poetry & Short Stories
    Daniel Friedman's bio

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