Photograph of  our oil fired heating boiler with Mikes CD book on how to save heating costsHow to Use Book on Heating Cost Savings Tips

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How to save on building heating costs: this book promises to reduce home heating costs for people using oil heat, whether by an oil-fired hot water boiler or an oil-fired heating furnace. This book review examines a CD offered by and written by an experienced oil heating technician, Michael Gristick. As I have worked servicing oil fired heating systems as well as serving a more broadly-trained building inspector, I viewed this book offering with great interest when Mr. Gristick provided me with a review copy in 2006. In 2007 he was adding to the book's contents.

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How to Read this Book on How to Save Heating Costs

Using the CD: acting dumb, I opened the CD and stuck it into my computer's CD reader.

Nothing happened.

My boiler did not suddenly start running more quietly.

Smoke didn't stop coming out of my chimney.

And no files opened on my PC.

Mike's CD producer apparently does not know about Autoplay software.

So this is what you have to do to use this Book on CD:

  1. Put the CD into your computer's CD reader drive
  2. Open Microsoft Explorer OR open your web browser and look at the CD Drive - you'll see a file folder named "Hot Safety Secrets"
  3. Double-click on the file folder "Hot Safety Secrets" - you'll see a huge list of files in the folder
  4. In a Rush to Save on Oil Bills?: Scroll down until you see and can double-click on "money saving tips.htm" if you want to see Mike's short-list of suggestions to save money on your heating bills. This will open your browser and let you look over this page.
  5. Want to do it right?: Scroll down until you see and can double click on "index.htm" - this is the starting point for this CD and the file that ought to be run by an "autorun" feature on the next release of Mike's CD. On this page you'll see a "Start by clicking here" link that will in turn take you to the list of Mike's nine chapters. If you want to skip this introductory page and go right to the CD's table of contents, find and click on "contents.htm" or open this file directly from your web browser.


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