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Bibliography & citations for the history & manufacture asbestos-containing products


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Asbestos history, manufacturing processes, products bibliography and citations. This article provides historical citations and the original bibliography to Asbestos, Its Industrial Applications, D.V. Rosato, 1959. The citations give both historical details and insight into the breadth and depth of asbestos use across industry in the 1950's.

This articles series about the manufacture & use of asbestos-containing products includes detailed information on the production methods, asbestos content, and the identity and use of asbestos-containing materials.

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Asbestos Bibliography & Citations

Vermiculite insulation in this attic ceiling may contain asbestos fibers.The following text is Adapted from Rosato (1959) p. 201-207 [1]. The asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation shown at left is discussed in detail at VERMICULITE INSULATION.

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