Multiple layers of wallpaper on an old plaster wall (C) Daniel FriedmanAsbestos Content in Plaster
Older plaster walls/ceilings may contain asbestos

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Does plaster contain asbestos?

This article explains where & when asbestos is likely to be found in plaster used on building walls & ceilings.

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Asbestos content in Drywall, wallboard or "Sheetrock" or gypsum board & in joint compound

Plaster lines confirm that this is a wood-lath installation (C) Daniel FriedmanModern plaster products and modern drywall and taping compound do not contain asbestos. However that was not always the case, as we detail here.

Asbestos in Plaster and stucco, includes Chrysotile asbestos.

Some plaster products may also contain tremolite (a form of amphibole asbestos) as an inadvertent contaminant from asbestos mining of chrysotile, and also they may include vermiculite that, depending on where it was mined, also contains asbestos (Libby).

Because plaster was added to various wallboard products and drywall to improve its water resistance or fire resistance, in turn that means that additional drywall products manufactured between 1920 and 1978 or later may also contain both crysotile and tremolite asbestos.

Asbestos was used as an ingredient in some plaster applications.

Asbestos was used in decorative plaster cornices, trim, ceiling medallions

Asbestos was used also in acoustical plaster both as a direct asbestos additive and as an asbestos contaminant in plasters to which vermiculiet or "Zonolite" were added to produce a light-weight plaster having good acoustical properties.

Asbestos was used in plaster designed to have a high resistance to fire.

Asbestos was used in plaster additives to gypsum board or "drywall" products to improve its moisture resistance (such as bath tile backer board) and to meet gypsum board fire resistance standards such as ASTM C630/C630M-03e1 Standard Specification for Water-Resistant Gypsum Backing Board (Withdrawn 2005 and replaced by ASTM C1396/C1396M)


Question: is the material shown in this plumbing access asbestos?

Cement / plaster extruding into the wall cavity side of expanded metal lath (C) SC2018/05/15 shelby.hudson655321 said:

We are getting ready to rent (have put down a deposit) on a house built in 1955.

There is this easily accessible panel on the wall opposite the bathroom for access to the plumbing for the tub. Is or could this be asbestos? We have a 2 year old daughter and don't want to take any chances!

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Your photo shows cement or plaster extruding through expanded metal lath, no doubt providing the wall onto which bathroom tile was affixed.

While some plaster in older homes might (rarely) contain asbestos, this is not a friable material. Even if the plaster contains asbestos you would have to grind, saw, or chop the material to create dust and thus to create a measurable hazard.

In sum, undisturbed, this plaster in the plumbing access is not a child hazard.

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Question: was asbestos used in plaster casts?

2018/09/08 srevesz said:

Was asbestos used in the material used for casts for a broken bone?

This Q&A about the use of asbestos in bone casts or orthopedic casts were posted originally at ASBESTOS LIST of PRODUCTS

Reply: yes asbestos was used in a wide range of plaster casting including orthopedics

S Reves

Yes, asbestos was used in some plaster cast and plaster mold applications, both directly in forms of asbestos fibres and also in the form of vermiculite, some of which contains asbestos.

There are some patent disclosures and research citing use of asbestos in products applied to splints and casts for broken bones, and possibly also in some denture casts, including the following:

Asbestos was used in other plaster cast applications as well, such as

And even in plaster casts used to make shoe moldings

Companies whose plaster products contained asbestos

Arranged alphabetically:


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