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This article discusses and identifies Federal Pioneer circuit breakers that have been recalled.

Federal Pioneer is the Canadian brand name for electrical panels and circuit breakers of same design and history of origin as Federal Pacific Electric (FPE-Stab-Lok® ) equipment sold in the U.S.

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1996-1997 Recall of NC015 and NC015CP Federal Pioneer Circuit Breakers in Canada - Some Federal Pacific Products renamed Federal Pioneer

In May 1999 we (DJF) learned from Schneider Canada that Federal pioneer circuit breakers sold by that company are re-named from Federal Pacific circuit breakers and that two 15-amp single-pole models NC015 and NC015CP made between August 1, 1996 and June 11, 1997 have been recalled.

Notice: This Federal Pioneer circuit breaker notice pertains only to an older recall of specific circuit breakers sold in Canada under the brand name Federal Pioneer FP circuit breakers. This notice does not pertain to other FP equipment and not to Federal Pacific Electric panels and breakers - the U.S. product design produced and marketed in Canada under the Federal Pioneer or FP brand.

There has not been a blanket recall of Federal Pioneer electrical panels (FP Panels) in Canada nor is there a financial assistance or warranty program addressing the repair or replacement of these electrical panels.

See FEDERAL PIONEER PANEL SAFETY for an independent opinion.

The Canadian Federal Pioneer electrical panel circuit breaker recall notice is available here. We asked the company to determine if Federal Pioneer and Federal Pacific components sold in Canada were made in the U.S. or if tooling used to produce them was identical with that used in the U.S.

. If this is the case (as one might expect based on economies of production) one should consider the possibility that other defects reported in the U.S. may also appear in Canadian installations. As of the latest date of this web page (see page bottom) no reply has been received.

The Federal Pioneer electric panel Warranty Alert was issued by the Ontario New Home Warranty program in October 1997 and provides for circuit breaker replacement. Schneider Canada is an electrical supplier whose product lines combine those previously marketed under the names Federal Pacific Electric, Federal Pioneer, Square-D, Tele Mechanique, Modicon, and Merlin Gerin.

Comparing the Canadian Warranty Alert for Federal Pioneer NC015/NC015CP circuit breakers and US CPSC and Industry Response to the performance of FPE Stab-Lok® circuit breakers in the U.S. we comment:

This was a limited (to manufacturing date and breaker type) recall issued in Canada. But we emphasize the point that is made in the recall notice, as it expresses a safety concern that applies to users of FPE Stab-Lok® equipment in the US.

The recall notice states "If the circuit breaker does not perform as intended, there is a potential for property damage and/or personal injury". That is what FPE denied, and a charge for which the U.S. CPSC did not have the resources to gather the evidence required to prevail in court.That statement is the most important part of the recall notice. 

Consumers whose properties receive electrical power supplied through an American-made FPE Stab-Lok® panel should ask why it is that Stab-Lok® breakers that don't trip properly in Canada pose a risk of property damage and/or injury, but Stab-Lok® breakers that don't trip properly in the USA do not?  Do we have less aggressive electrons in the USA.

Photos to assist in identification of Federal Pioneer electrical equipment are at FEDERAL PIONEER ELECTRIC PANELS

The following Warranty Alert was issued by the Ontario New Home Warranty Program on October 14, 1997.

Warranty Alert - Ontario New Home Warranty Program

Schneider Canada NC015/NC015P Circuit Breaker Recall


The Ontario New Home Warranty Program (ONHWP) wants to pass along important product recall information to all registered builders/ vendors from Schneider Canada.

Schneider Canada was recently made aware of a potential problem with their Federal Pioneer brand NC015 and NC015CP circuit breakers manufactured between August 1, 1996 and June 11, 1997.

In some circumstances these breakers may not trip. In other cases, the breakers will continue to protect anticipated overloads and short circuit currents. If the circuit breaker does not perform as intended, there is potential for property damage and/or personal injury. There have been no reports of injuries or fires as a result of the potential problem.

Schneider Canada is determined to make every effort to locate and replace these circuit breakers. Their plan is to notify homeowners in a number of ways, including utility bill stuffers, advertising and through channel and contractor notification. They expect to receive calls from concerned homeowners requesting replacement of their circuit breakers. Here is a summary of the process Schneider Canada has set up:

* There is a toll free call centre at 1-888-519- 5536 or 416-234-6407 (Metro Toronto) that homeowners can telephone for more information about the program and register their home for breaker replacement.

* The call centre has a list of authorized contractors and will refer up to three local contractors for the homeowner to call.

* Homeowners select one of the contractors and call to arrange a suitable date and time to visit and replace the breakers.

* The contractor makes a service call to remove and replace the affected breakers, invoices Schneider Canada for a service call and returns the circuit breakers to an authorized Schneider Canada distributor.

WHAT TO DO - Canadian FPE - Stab Lok Federal Pioneer Stab-Lok® Equipment in Canada

Because Schneider Canada is taking charge of this product recall ONHWP does not expect to be involved.

You may want to check with your electrical contractor to determine if your homes and homeowners are affected.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on Canadian FPE Federal Pioneer Recall

More detailed information is available by calling your local Schneider Canada office or you can visit their website at


Head Office
5160 Yonge St. 6th Floor
North York ON M2N 6L9
(416) 229-9200
Toll Free 1-800-668-0124

Note: other Ontario New Home Warranty Program office addresses included in the above notice have been deleted for brevity. Otherwise the notice is quoted directly and verbatim from a copy faxed to me by Carson Dunlop & Associates in Toronto on 10/27/97 and verified by telephone call to Schneider Canada on 5/25/99.

Here is a [PDF format] copy of the original recall notice of Federal Pioneer NC015 and NC015CP circuit breakers for NC015 and NC015CP [PDF]


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