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Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding failures & claims:

Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding is similar to products sold by Masonite Corp., Abatibi-Price, and Georgia Pacific Corp, both of which experience failures of delamination, swelling, softening, and general deterioration when exposed to water and weather.

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Common Causes of Boise Cascade™ and other Hardboard Building Siding Failures

Our own field observations show that the siding material deteriorates fastest and most severely where:

  • The Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding (and similar products) has not been kept perfectly sealed and coated against water intrusion
  • The Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding has been damaged by cuts, nicks, or by counter-sunk siding nails that penetrated its top skin and were not kept perfectly sealed
  • The Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding has been exposed to high amounts of rain (weather side of buildings), or where it is exposed to roof spillage splash-up against siding, for example where building gutters and leaders are not installed or are not properly maintained
  • The end butt-joints of the Boise Cascade™ siding were not kept sealed where exposed to weather
  • Water penetrates the Boise Cascade™ siding and building wall at poorly-flashed or poorly-installed windows, doors, or other wall penetrations

We have photographs and material samples on-hand and solicit field reports and photographs to add to Abatibi siding identification, maintenance, repair, replacement, and class action information at this website.

If you have additional product failure examples you are welcome to contact the author to provide additional field photos or information that may assist others in identifying and repairing siding failures. or select a topic from the More Reading links shown below.

Boise-Cascade Siding Claims or Class Action Status

  • No class action is pending at a U.S. national level. State level class actions may be underway.
  • Contact Boise-Cascade with warranty questions: 1-208-384-6161 Website:


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